Find the Correct Toughbook Parts to Fix Your Panasonic Laptop

Sometimes it's more cost-effective to fix your laptop with a replacement part than to get a new one. eBay has many different types of Toughbook parts available whether you need to replace a broken key or a piece of hardware.

How do you know which parts you need?

It's important to correctly troubleshoot your laptop before buying replacement parts to ensure you get the right items. If your screen isn't working properly, then test it on an external monitor. If video works on the external monitor, then you can confirm you need a new screen. If video doesn't work on the external monitor, then check your motherboard for damage. It's likely that your motherboard needs replacement in that situation. Because the Toughbook has different models, such as the CF-53, CF-19, and 31, you should double check the part is compatible with your specific model.

What type of parts are available?

You can find hundreds of Toughbook parts on eBay to fix your laptop at an affordable price, such as:

  • Screens: There are many different Toughbook screens available, including touchscreen models. Your laptop must be touchscreen-capable in order to use a touchscreen replacement part.
  • Battery: Pay close attention when searching for a battery replacement to ensure it's genuine. Fake batteries can catch on fire or explode. The battery needs to be compatible with your model as well.
  • Flap port cover: You can even find replacements for the flap port cover on your Toughbook.
  • Keyboards and keys: You can find whole keyboard replacements and even individual key replacements for your laptop.
  • Palmrest: If your keyboard's palmrest is cracked or broken, you can find palmrest parts.
  • Optical drive connectors: Although it has a technical name, optical drive connectors are cheap replacement parts on the Toughbook.
What should you look for when choosing used Toughbook parts?

When choosing used Toughbook parts on eBay to fix your computer, you need to carefully read the product description and condition information. Some used parts have been tested to ensure they still work, so these are ideal to buy. Other parts you want to look for are those that have been used only as product models since they haven't been through a lot of use. You should also make sure that you're buying a genuine replacement part. Examine the pictures closely and compare them to the manufacturer's picture. Buying used Toughbook parts is a good way of saving money as long as you pay attention when choosing which to get.

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