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Lays Chips

Bite into Lays Chips

Lays is a snack food company known for its crunchy and salty potato chips. The brand offers a number of different products and flavors to make your taste buds tingle. You can find bags of these snack foods on eBay.

What are the different kinds of fried Lays potato chips?

In addition to the traditional fried preparation of potato chips, Lays also makes kettle-cooked varieties in both a regular-cut and lattice-cut of the potatoes. The oven-baked varieties of some of the brands favorite flavors is a crunchier alternative to the more traditional Lays chips. Also available is a line of dehydrated-preparation potato chips called Stax that are marketed in a long, vertical tube that keeps the stacked ships organized.

What are some common flavors of Lays potato chips?

The company makes an assortment of flavors for its chips. A few of the flavors these potato chips are available in include:

  • Classic - The classic original flavor of Lays potato chips consists of salt coating the fried potato slices.
  • Cappuccino - The company makes coffee-flavored potato chips.
  • Sour cream and onion - The combination of sour cream and onion flavoring has been available in potato chips from Lays since the 1970s.
  • Chicken and waffles - This flavor was a one-time finalist in the "Do Us a Flavor" contest and has been retained to mimic the flavor of the classic Southern chicken and waffles dish on potato chips.
  • Salt and vinegar - The addition of vinegar mimics a combination that is widely consumed in the U.K.
  • Flamin hot - This flavor features red peppers in addition to hot onion and garlic flavors.
What are some of the more unusual flavors of Lays chips?

Lays is known for offering a variety of unusual flavors based on regional cuisines throughout the United States. The flavors include varieties of salsa flavorings, barbecue styles, and cheese flavors combined with jalapeno peppers. The company is also known for its frequent contests for new flavors, which has resulted in the flavor varieties known as crispy taco, fried green tomato, everything bagel with cream cheese, Southwest biscuits and gravy, cheesy garlic bread, Wasabi ginger kettle-cooked chips, and Sriracha, among others.

What is the nutritional value of Lays chips?

In a 1-ounce bag of original Lays potato chips, there are 160 calories. A bag this size will typically contain about 15 chips. The average calorie count for the various flavors of Lays chips is 160 calories. However, the oven-baked varieties feature a lower calorie count. These snacks usually contain around 120 calories per bag of chips without sacrificing flavor. You can purchase new bags of Lays chips on eBay in any one of these categories.

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