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Louis Vuitton Women's Scarves and Wraps

Louis Vuitton Women’s Scarves and Wraps

A scarf or wrap is the natural choice for accompanying your outerwear or accessorizing an outfit for an outing or the workplace. Louis Vuitton womens scarves and wraps are available in a variety of colors, such as brown, beige, and gray, or patterns like monogram and plaid. The scarves and wraps are made from a spectrum of materials and come in a range of sizes.

What are the different types of womens scarves available?

  • Square: This is the traditional and classic shape of a scarf. Most of these are made of silk. The square scarf is tied as a knot around the neck.
  • Oblong: This is a scarf that comes in different prints and fabrics. The oblong scarf is longer than it is wide. It is available in many material and color options.
  • Wrap: This product is typically made of cashmere, alpaca, or other animal fiber. It may be used with a pin or tied in order to stay in place.
  • Sarong: This type of wrap measures at least 36 inches wide by about 72 inches long. It typically has fringe attached at two ends. It is both an accessory and a garment.

What materials are used to make scarves and wraps?

  • Alpaca: This fabric is made from the wool of the domesticated species of camelid from South America. The Alpaca fleece has a long-micron count and a fiber staple count of at least 21 microns. This type of material is typically knit by a machine into a wrap or scarf.
  • Cashmere: This fabric is made from the Kashmir goat. It is knit by machine into fabric. Pashmina is a sub-type of cashmere fabric. It may be dyed or left in its natural cream, brown, and gray shades.
  • Cotton: This plant-based fiber may be knit or woven by a machine into a fabric for use in scarves and wraps.
  • Satin: The scarves or wraps may be made from satin. It is woven by a machine to form fabric. Satin is derived from polyester, which is a synthetic fabric.
  • Silk: Silk is a natural protein fiber that is obtained from the larvae cocoon of the mulberry silkworm. A woven silk scarf can either be shiny or matte.

What are the design options for scarves and wraps?

  • Monogram or logo: The scarves or wraps may feature the companys monogram or logo woven into the fabric in a coordinating or contrasting thread that differs from the background color.
  • Animal print: The options include tiger, cheetah, leopard, giraffe, zebra, and snakeskin.
  • Prints: The options include floral, paisley, stripes, plaid, chevrons, and polka dots.
  • Solid: The scarves and wraps are available in solid colors. The styles with fringe have same-color fringe attached.
  • Plaid: These multicolor designs use a neutral such as cream, gray, or tan as the background color and contrasting colors such as red, green, blue, or yellow to form the pattern. Different colors are used in the warp and weft of the woven pattern.

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