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A Short Introduction to Lycoming Aviation Engines

Established in 1845, Lycoming Engines, formerly known as Demorest Manufacturing Company, began in the U.S. as a manufacturer of bicycles and sewing machines. It transitioned to manufacturing automobile engines in 1907 and then to aviation engines in 1929 after the trans-Atlantic flight of Charles Lindbergh.

How do you choose the right engine for your plane needs?

The question of which engine is the right one for you is answered when you are replacing an existing engine. During the process of designing your own plane, though, you need to choose your engine with your goals for the aircraft in mind. When choosing an engine, consider four essential criteria:

  • Compatibility: Determine that the engine fits your plane. Consider its mount and any compatibility issues with other parts.
  • Power: Consider your horsepower and thrust needs. Too small an engine won’t provide the necessary thrust while too large an engine can damage the other parts. The problem of power is easier to deal with if you are designing your own plane. Upgrading or replacing an engine in an existing design requires either an exact substitution or a similar design.
  • Maintenance needs: Research the maintenance levels required by each engine considered. You’ll need the skills or a technician who can handle the engine maintenance.
  • Cost: Consider new aircraft engines, refurbished ones, overhauled ones, and rebuilt ones. Alternatives to buying new can save you money that lets you get a better engine that meets your needs. A Lycoming engine overhaul can save you money while getting you a powerful engine.
What sizes of Lycoming aircraft engines are there?

You can find new and used Lycoming engines for sale as well as manufacturer-overhauled and rebuilt engines. Some vintage engines remain available, such as the brands first engine: the Lycoming R-680, a 200-horsepower, 9-cylinder, piston-driven radial engine. The firm’s other engines include the iE2 engine, Thunderbolt engine, and Thunderbolt engine builder. Its line of engines includes horizontally opposed, air-cooled, and four-, six- , and eight-cylinder models. The company produces the only aerobatic and helicopter piston engines that are FAA-certified. This variety in the availability range means commensurate range in Lycoming engine prices.

Lycoming aircraft parts and kits

On eBay, you can find Lycoming genuine parts, such as pistons, tappets, crankshafts, and cylinder kits. You can also find complete engines, such as the O-360-A1D, the TIO-541-E1C4, and T53-L13B 1400 SHP Turbine Aircraft Engine for UH-1 / AH-1 Helicopters. Lycoming manufactures engines for both rotary and fixed-wing aircraft and both turboprop and non-prop engines.

Some of the engines come as complete kits with all accessories while others provide only the bare-bones engine. On these latter cases, you need to determine that the other parts you purchase were designed to work with the engine.

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