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M·A·C Red Lipstick

MAC Red Lipsticks

Having the right shade of red lipstick in your cosmetic bag can really come in handy. MAC offers a wide selection of shades of red, which is a timeless accessory for your wardrobe.

What are some tips for selecting a complementary shade?

Reds can range from pinkish to orangey. Here is a basic guide to help you pick a color that works well with your skin tone:

  • True reds with blue undertones for fair skin.
  • Coral reds for beige skin.
  • Brick red for medium complexions.
  • Pinkish reds for olive skin.
  • Purple reds for chocolate skin.
  • Cherry red for dark skin.

The same tube of lipstick could look completely different when applied to different womens lips. Skin tones, including the shade of the lips, along with hair and eye colors make a difference in the way the color appears. Also, lighting can change what color the lipstick appears.

Does MAC have lipsticks that offer different effects?

In addition to a wide range of colors, MAC offers lipsticks that can give you a variety of effects. If you are going out for a night on the town, you might choose a lipstick that offers glitter or metallic effects. For daytime, you will find matte and sheer formulas. Satin and shimmer are two other effects that MAC provides.

What are some of the red shades in MAC lipsticks?
  • Ruby Woo
  • Russian Red
  • Viva Glam 1
  • MAC Red
  • Lady Danger
How might you stop lipstick from bleeding or smudging?
  • Use a clear liner to outline your lips to keep the color from feathering.
  • Exfoliate your lips and apply lip balm or moisturizer to them before bedtime each night.
  • Blot your lipstick on a tissue to remove the excess product. This helps keep it off your teeth.
  • Use a nude lip pencil to highlight the rim of your mouth.
  • Choose long-lasting formulas that will stay put through the day and into the night.

When your bright crimson lipstick is center stage, keep the rest of your beauty products more subdued. Go for lighter blush and curl your lashes. You want to avoid too much color on your eyes.

What formulations are MAC lipsticks available in?

MAC offers a range of lipstick formulas to help you achieve the look you are after. You can also find them in a single color or in a palette with a range of colors. Formula choices include:

  • Crayon
  • Cream
  • Pencil
  • Liquid
  • Stick
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