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MagnaFlow Car and Truck Mufflers

MagnaFlow car and truck mufflers provide a key component of a vehicles exhaust system by keeping the engine away from gases, reducing emissions, and reducing sound. These mufflers come with a variety of inlet and outlet options as well as surface finish types. They are made in the United States.

What kind of inlet and outlet types are available?

These products are available with both single and dual inlets and outlets so as to fit most exhaust systems. They can have a single inlet and a single outlet, dual inlets, and dual outlets or some combination of the two. Inlets further come in different sizes, ranging from 2.25 inches to 5 inches.

What kind of surface finishes are available?

These product kits are available in the following finishes:

  • Polished: These are made from 100% polished stainless steel, both inside and out.
  • Aluminized: These are made with 100% stainless inside them and along their necks and tips, but the insides are made of aluminum.
How is one of these products installed?

What follows are a few tips pertaining to the overall installation process. Procedures can vary between brands, but the process usually goes something like this:

  1. Remove the old one: This includes disconnecting the battery, jacking the vehicle, and loosening the clamps.
  2. Clean the mounting area: Cut through and remove rust and grime on the connections.
  3. Install the new product: This includes test fitting the product, inserting hangers in the mounts, coating the ends of the pipe with sealant, and securing the piping with the clamps. Also, be sure to check for leaks after starting the engine.
Do mufflers have flow restrictions?

These products have a straight-through design, which means that they have no flow restrictions and exhaust gases flow through and out of the device at normal speeds. Effectively, this gives your vehicle additional horsepower. This also results in a louder and a deeper sound, and there is no "scavenging effect," in which exhaust gases leave the device faster than they entered, which would reduce power. The result is that these products deliver both performance and sound.

Do these parts have a break-in period?

There is a brief break-in period for MagnaFlow mufflers installed as part of kits like this. This means that, during the first few hundred miles of driving, it will get progressively louder and deeper in tone. During this period, the exhaust system will also emit some whitish smoke and a slight odor. This is completely normal for mufflers with a straight-through design.

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