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Using the Mamiya Polaroid Back for Your Polaroid Photos

The Mamiya medium format cameras take instant film photos to develop right in your hand. To effectively take these photos, you need your medium format camera, a Polaroid back, and peel apart instant film. You can purchase a variety of valuable Mamiya Polaroid backs on eBay.

How does the Polaroid back work on medium format cameras?

The backs of medium format cameras hold the film, the film advance mechanism, and the counter. The Mamiya Polaroid back divides from the body of the camera by a darkslide. This slide blocks out light, which means you can change the back in the middle of your film roll if you need to.

Once you take a picture with your Polaroid camera, the Mamiya Polaroid back puts pressure on the photo paper, which then applies pressure to the film. That creates a smooth, balanced photo with no white spots and no undeveloped areas. If your photos do not seem evenly developed, consider replacing your Mamiya Polaroid back.

What kinds of Mamiya Polaroid backs are available?

Mamiya Polaroid backs exist for many of their Mamiya cameras. When purchasing one, however, you must ensure that the version you have still has the film available for it. eBay carries a variety at different prices, and here are some inexpensive Mamiya Polaroid backs to consider:

  • Mamiya M80 Polaroid back
  • Mamiya 645 Polaroid back
  • Mamiya RB67 Polaroid back
  • Mamiya 7 Polaroid back
How do you ensure your Polaroid back will fit?

To ensure that any Polaroid back will fit your medium format camera, you can put a P adapter onto the back of your camera. In this way, you don’t have to worry about exact fits, and you can mount different backs to your camera. The P adapter doesnt rotate between landscape and portrait orientations as it is too bulky. You would have to choose a horizontal or vertical one from the time of purchase. Some vintage Mamiya Polaroid backs do have an integrated P-adapter, such as the Pro-SD Polaroid back.

What Polaroid instant film is available?

For Mamiya Polaroid backs, you can shoot with a variety of film. However, as these films have all been discontinued, you can only purchase this film on sites like eBay. Here are some films that you can use:

  • FP-3000B ISO 3000 black and white film
  • FP-100B ISO 100 black and white film
  • FP-100C ISO 100 color film
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