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Selecting Men's Belt Buckles for Your Wardrobe

Belt buckles are a type of accessory that allow you to customize your belt to a particular occasion. A new belt buckle also extends the lifetime of your leather belt. You can find a nice variety of men's belt buckles on eBay at affordable prices.

What kinds of designs do men's belt buckles come in?

There are many designs for belt buckles. They can be found new or used. Some common motifs include:

  • Animals - Snakes, eagles, cougars, deer, and rams are common animal themes for belt buckles.
  • Characters - Batman, X-Men, and other superheroes are often featured on men's fashion belt buckles.
  • Cowboy and Western - Cowboy and cowgirl Western belt buckles are popular choices.
  • Geography and states - State outlines and mountains are often used for decorations on belt buckles.
  • Letters, numbers, and symbols - Fashion buckles may have initials, letters, numbers, or symbols.
  • Motorcycle - Motorcycle buckles or those with automotive company logos are a common choice for fashionable belt buckles.
  • Native American - Native American styles for buckles include feathers, the Phoenix, and Native American warriors.
  • Patriotic - Patriotic themes for buckles include the American flag, the Liberty Bell, and eagles.

 What are men's belt buckles made from?

  • Brass - Brass is a yellow alloy consisting of copper and zinc. It offers a corrosion-resistant finish to a belt buckle.
  • Bronze - Bronze buckles are hefty and are often made in smaller sizes than other materials.
  • Pewter - Because of the weight of a pewter buckle, it is usually made in a smaller size.
  • Silver - Silver is commonly used in Western belt buckles. It is highly malleable, allowing for an intricate buckle style, such as a skull or coyote.
  • Sterling silver - A sterling silver buckle is a popular choice because of its durability and malleability. They are often used to make skull, Native American, and intricate Western styles.
  • Stainless steel - Stainless steel is strong and durable. It is a common choice for a fashion belt. This style of belt buckle is also lightweight.

How do you select a man's belt buckle from eBay?

When choosing a man's belt buckle from eBay, there are some factors you should consider. eBay has a few categories to help with your choices. Besides theme and material, other categories you can choose from are:

  • Style: Options include casual, classic, dressy, or novelty.
  • Brand: If you prefer to choose by brand, your choices can include brands like Bergamot, Harley-Davidson, Indiana Metal Craft, or Montana Silversmiths.
  • Condition: You can also consider a new or used belt buckle. Used belt buckles can be a good deal if you're looking for models that are no longer made. You'll also find that many used belt buckles are less expensive.