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All About Mongoose Vintage Bicycles

Mongoose is one of the biggest names in vintage bikes. If you're a fan of old-school bikes, check out the many affordable vintage Mongoose bikes available on eBay.

Essentials to look for in vintage Mongoose bikes

There are two things that you should consider when you're choosing a vintage Mongoose bike:

  • Weight - One of the features that separate a vintage Mongoose bike from a non-vintage one is its weight. Usually vintage bikes, unlike the lightweight materials used for bikes nowadays, were made with steel, increasing their strength and weight.
  • Shifters - Vintage Mongoose bikes used downtube-mounted friction shifters rather than the integrated shifters used nowadays.
What types of vintage bikes are there?

You can find all types of pre-owned Mongoose bikes on eBay, including the following types:

  • Road bike - Road bikes are built for paved road traveling. This term is also used when describing racing bikes.
  • BMX bike - BMX bikes are built for racing in special BMX dirt tracks as well as for doing tricks and stunts. BMXs have a one-gear ratio and are built with smaller frames. These are also sometimes called Mongoose motocross bikes.
  • Freight bikes - Freight bikes are built for transporting large and heavy loads. Usually, freight bikes have a type of cargo area or basket that you use for carrying goods. Some freight bikes have some type of cargo trailer as well.
  • Mountain bikes - Mountain bikes, also called all-terrain bikes, are built for off-the-road cycling.
Vintage versus antique

Keep in mind is that vintage Mongoose bikes are not the same as antique bikes or classic bikes. While they might have some characteristics similar to classic bikes, vintage bikes were one of the main sources of transportation in the retro era. This basically means that a vintage bike performs similarly to current ones rather than just being used for appearance and recreation.

Are vintage bike frames different from current bike frames?

Yes and no. While a vintage bike frame sometimes appears to be different in shape from a current one, a good quality bike, regardless of being vintage, will offer the same comfort. For a vintage Mongoose BMX, for instance, there is little difference in frame shape from the ones made today.