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Everything You Need to Know About Womens Muck Boots

Cold, wet weather is easier to handle when women have the right winter boots to handle daily tasks and commutes. Winter boots should be weatherproof, provide great tread on snow-covered surfaces, and dry completely between wears. Muck womens boots meet all of these requirements and are available in new and used condition on eBay.

Are womens Muck boots true to size?

Mucks women boots are sold as whole sizes only. The boot company has a 15mm toe allowance built into it, which means the footwear will stretch to fit half sizes. Muck suggest women who are between sizes size down. If there is any doubt regarding size, see the manufacturers site for details.

Sizing tips to get the right womens fit

Womens feet can change their size and shape over time. For this reason, its necessary to measure your feet regularly to achieve the right fit. Its also necessary to realize different styles and brands may use different material and construction methods. When buying new or used womens Muck boots on eBay, consult the size chart and measure your own feet to get your true size. Below are sizing tips to help establish a womens true size.

  • Measure feet regularly
  • Measure feet at night when they are the largest
  • Lean slightly forward putting pressure on the front of your foot when establishing length
  • Draw a line behind the heel and the top of the longest toe
  • Measure the distance between both lines in inches or centimeters, depending on size chart requirements
Do you need to wear socks with Muck boots?

It isnt necessary to wear any particular type of sock with Muck boots. In fact, theres no need for specific socks because each Muck boot is made with a NEOPRENE bootie. The bootie is designed to be worn in sub-zero weather, which means it can withstand subzero temperatures for about an hour. However, if you plan to be in extremely cold weather, you may want to wear thick socks. A medium-weight sock with an athletic design will also meet most users needs. Thick socks can be worn by those who have very narrow feet.

Will womens Muck boots fit those with wide calves?

The top of all Mucks womens boots are created with Neoprene material. Neoprene is incredibly stretchy and will eventually break in to fit a womans calf muscle. Muck created their womens boots to fit calves up to EEE.

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