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NEC TV, Video and Home Audio Remote Controls

Things to Know When Selecting NEC Projector Remote Controls

A remote control for a projector allows you to make adjustments to what is on display while giving a presentation or showing a movie. The remote control allows you to walk about the room or to remain seated in a comfortable chair while the projector is in use. There are many features, functions, and compatibility options to consider when looking at NEC projector remote controls.

What functions do NEC remote controls perform for projectors?
  • Audio setup: This allows you to choose the audio input, to increase or decrease the volume, or to mute the sound.
  • Picture mode and size: You can select the mode of the picture and choose the size, such as full screen or widescreen.
  • Input options: Select the input option for the projection systems visual input.
  • Video capture: This allows you to capture a frame, to keep it still, or to move by one frame at a time.
  • Computer controls: If a computer is the connected video device, the remote can function as the mouse for scrolling, right clicking, left clicking, and selecting the video type.
What are some of the features of NEC remote controls?
  • Side ridges: The side ridges on the edges of the remote facilitate holding the device in your hand.
  • Silicone rubber buttons: The buttons are made of silicone and rubber.
  • Color coding: The functions of the buttons are color-coded, such as the power button being blue and the still capture of a frame being orange.
  • Symbol and word labeling: The buttons may be labeled on the button and above the button with a symbol, a word, or both for describing the function of the button.
What kinds of batteries do NEC projector remote controls need?

These remote controls for NEC projectors use two AA batteries. The batteries can be either single-use or rechargeable products. When replacing the batteries, put in two new units at the same time. The new units should be of the same type and the same brand as each other. To replace the batteries, push down on the thumb slot to release the compartment door. Remove the old batteries, and insert the replacement units in the correct orientation as labeled on the compartment. Push the compartment door back into position.

How far away from projectors does an NEC remote control work?

These NEC remote controls use an infrared signal to send and receive information from the projection systems. Depending on the model, the remotes are designed to work at a distance of 30 to 50 feet from the projector when the batteries have a full charge. As the battery charge decreases, you may need to stand closer to the projection equipment.

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