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How to Choose Your First Needlepoint Pattern

Needlepointing is a type of embroidery that is worked on open-weave canvas. One of the reasons that many people love to do needlepoint is that many pieces are worked using only one type of stitch. If you are thinking of trying this sewing hobby, then you need to start by choosing the right pattern.

Formats for needlepoint patterns

You can find needlework patterns packaged in these ways:

  • Single pattern sheets - These sheets can be in color or black and white. Many needlepointers find black-and-white sheets easier to follow because they have a different symbol for each color yarn.
  • Pattern booklet - A pattern booklet can contain one or more related needlepoint patterns.
  • Pattern magazines - These magazines contain a variety of patterns that often center on a seasonal theme.
Types of needlepoint patterns

There are many different types of needlepoint patterns available, including:

  • Separate chart - These designs are charted on paper, and you sew from the chart.
  • Hand-painted canvases - You sew over the hand-painted design with the same color of yarn. With many vintage patterns, one person designed the pattern, and numerous people would do the coloring.
  • Trimmed canvas - The horizontal stitches are already sewn on these designs, and you fill in the rest using tent stitches.
  • Printed canvas - These pieces are printed by machine, and you complete all the stitches.
What are some common stitches used to work needlepoint?

Yhe most common stitch used to work needlepoint is the tent stitch, but other stitches are sometimes used, including:

  • Basketweave - These stitches are worked in diagonal rows instead of horizontal rows like the tent stitch.
  • Gobelin - Instead of going in every hole, these stitches are worked over a number of rows.
  • Brick - These horizontal stitches are worked in every other hole. Then, the next line fills in the missing holes.
  • Scotch - These stitches are worked together to give the appearance of a square.
  • Herringbone - These stitches cross each other on a diagonal.
What are the essential supplies for needlepoint?

You only need a few basic supplies to start your needlepoint pattern, according to World of Needlepoint. You must start by reading the pattern as it will tell you the type of canvas that you need to complete the project. Then, you will need your yarn or thread. Usually, Persian wool yarn is used, but your pattern will tell you for sure. Finally, you need tapestry needles.