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Commonly Asked Questions About the Nikon D80 Camera

The Nikon D80 is a camera that was produced by Nikon between 2006 and 2008. With its powerful DSLR technology, the camera is compact and ideal for beginning and intermediate photographers. On eBay, you can select from a variety of D80 models that can help take your photography to the next level.

What does DSLR mean?

The Nikon D80 is a DSLR, which stands for digital single lens reflex. This type of camera has an optics system that uses a mirror to reflect the scene into the viewfinder. This allows you to frame the photo. When you push the button to take the photo, the mirror flips out of the way. DLSRs also use a digital image sensor that captures the photo on a memory card rather than on film.

What is a CCD imaging sensor?

The CCD, or charge-coupled device, sensor converts light from the D80’s lens into electrons. This technology allows the camera to record a scene as a photo. In the D80, Nikon uses a CCD sensor that’s optimized to provide true-to-life colors, a wide dynamic range, and a high resolution. That means that you can shoot pictures that are large enough for printing.

What are some of the features of the Nikon D80?

This Nikon model comes with a variety of features that are designed to help photographers create high-quality photos. Some available features and Nikon D80 specs include:

  • Fast startup: The D80 turns on and starts up in 0.18 seconds, so you can capture a photo quickly.
  • Continuous shooting: This mode allows you to capture up to three frames per second, which is ideal for action shots. The camera can capture up to 100 images in a single continuous-shooting session.
  • High-efficiency battery: The D80’s battery uses an efficient power system that allows you to take up to 2,700 photos on a single charge.
  • Nikon 3D Color Matrix Metering II: This technology examines the scene and automatically considers the brightness, contrast, focus, and color, and then it chooses the correct settings to help you produce true-to-life colors.
  • LCD color monitor: This 2.5-inch screen has wide-angle viewing to help you frame a scheme and to review your photos in-camera.
How can you choose a Nikon D80 for sale?

With so many Nikon D8 models on eBay, it’s important to find the right option for your shooting needs. These steps can help as you read Nikon D80 review posts and check out different Nikon D80 refurb models and Nikon D80 price options.

  • Pick a type: Choose from a camera with a lens or a Nikon D80 body style without a lens.
  • Look at included accessories: Pick from units with power cables, camera straps, camera bags, memory cards, a Nikon D80 manual, and more.
  • Select a year: Pick a model with your desired Nikon D80 release date.
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