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Finding OEM Car and Truck Wheels

When youre searching for new, used, or pre-owned OEM car and truck wheels, eBay can be a great place to find what you need. Various brands and styles are available, allowing you to find cheap wheels. Plus, you can find various bundles to ensure that all of the parts are included, too.

What is an OEM brand?

An OEM brand is known as the Original Equipment Manufacturer. If you find Porsche Cayenne OEM 21 wheels for sale, for example, these would be similar to what you would get directly out of the factory. It ensures that you get the right look and fit for your vehicle without having to deal with an aftermarket brand.

What are the options when buying wheels?

When you decide to buy new or pre-owned wheels, you want to make sure that you get the fit that works for the size of wheel that you have on your vehicle. There are a few things to specifically look for:

  • Rim diameter: The diameter will impact what will fit on your car or truck as well as what size of tire you will need.
  • Bolt pattern: The bolt pattern can vary dramatically, so you want to make sure it will fit on the valve stem.
  • Rim width: Take the time to measure the width of your existing rims so you know that the new ones will fit.
  • Number of components: The wheel structure can vary to include one, two, or three parts, such as a center cap, snap-in rim, and more.
How to control the aesthetics of truck and car wheels

When youre buying snazzy wheels for your car or truck, you want to make sure they coordinate with the vehicle body. This includes taking a look at the rim material as well as the overall color. On eBay, you can find black, silver, bronze, gray, and other colors of wheels. As for the materials, they can vary from aluminum to steel to chrome. Various designs are incorporated into the rim, too, so its important to look at the photos.

What to look for in pre-owned wheels

When youre buying pre-owned wheels on eBay, you want to find out whats included. You may have lug nuts, center caps, and other parts included with the wheels, or they could be sold separately. Further, with them being used, you will want to see if there is any damage, such as scratches or nicks that could take away from the overall beauty.