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Old Spice Aftershave Products

Old Spice After Shave

Old Spice is one of the most successful products to enter the male consumer market. Being an instant hit for men, this brand has gained a wide customer base, with multiple products and variations of their classic scent distributing everywhere. From its birth in 1937, a lot of related toiletry goods have been selling under the brand: deodorants, soaps, body washes, shampoos, and aftershave lotions and fragrance. Today, Procter & Gamble manufactures this product line.

What After Shave Variations Can You Buy?

Here are some variants men can alternately use to stay fresh and smelling-good all day:

  • Old Spice Original (or Classic) Aftershave. The classic aftershave lotion is here to stay. After all, its what made Old Spice stand out. Men just love the original scent. Splash it on your face and neck after you shave or shower, or whenever you feel like freshening up. It contains alcohol for cleansing, soothing, tightening, and healing your skin from unavoidable razor curs and nicks.
  • Old Spice Fresh Lime Aftershave . This variant gives out a fresh tangy lemon smell. It functions the same as the Original scent but presents an alternative to men who want variety.
  • Old Spice Musk Aftershave . Men who want to stay true to masculinity inside out prefer this scent. It is very manly and may not suit teenagers and young adults. Its not at all fruity. Its hardcore masculine in smell.

What Old Spice Products Blend Well Together?

You can purchase other products that give out a well-blended scent. Here are some mix and match items:

  • Old Spice Lather Shaving Cream . This bears the classic scent and provides a moisturizing lather. Use it as the directions say for that easy and clean shave. The smell is not overpowering so you can follow up with a splash or cologne afterwards.
  • Old Spice Cologne . This timeless classic is good to keep you smelling enticingly masculine all day. It blends well with other fragrant toiletries.
  • Old Spice Aftershave Atomizer . This adds convenience. Carry your splash and spray on the go. Top up with your main after shave or cologne bottle for an instant refill.

How to Give Yourself a Good Shave

Shaving is a routine that can become bothersome especially to hairy men who grow stubbles at a quicker rate. Learning how to give yourself a proper shave is essential so you can get done with it quickly and effectively. Here are some tips to proper shaving:

  • Mare sure to fully wet the area and use quality shavers (cream and razor).
  • Investing in a shaving brush may prove most useful especially for those who shave only when the facial area gets bushy.
  • A clean, close shave requires newer and sharper blades.
  • Always finish with a specialized lotion and balm after shaving.

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