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Orion Telescope Parts and Accessories

Orion Telescope Parts and Accessories

Orion telescopes offer crystal clear views of the night skies. Caring for your Orion telescope will ensure optimal performance and a longer life for your equipment. Orion offers parts and accessories to enhance your viewing experience.

What are some accessories for Orion telescopes?

Orion offers an array of accessories to enhance and aid you in stargazing the night sky. The accessories available include the following items:

  • Tripods and mounts: The mounting system is a critical piece of equipment for the telescope. Orion mounts come in two different movement types: alt-azimuth, which moves up and down and right and left like a camera tripod, and equatorial mount, which also moves up and down but moves in an arc laterally to follow the movement of celestial bodies.
  • Finder scope: This allows you to quickly locate stars and planets in the night sky. While many telescopes come with a finder scope, you may determine that adding a high-quality finder scope, such as a 6x30mm, will improve your viewing experience.
  • Dew shield/lens hood: To reduce or eliminate the accumulation of dew on your lens in the cool night air, a dew shield is critical. Not only can water droplets of dew infringe on image clarity, the equipment itself should be protected from water and moisture at all times.
What features should you look for when buying a telescope?

Its helpful to research these key features when buying:

  • Aperture: This refers to the size of the lens. A larger lens with a higher aperture can catch or gather more light and capture more images of objects in the night sky with greater detail.
  • Size: If you desire mobility for seeing the night sky from different locations, a smaller and lighter telescope may serve you better than a larger one that requires a permanent location due to its size.
  • Optical design: There are three types of optical design to consider: reflector, refractor, and Cassegrain.
How do you clean Orion telescopes?

There are several ways to clean Orion telescopes. Be sure to check the manufacturers instructions for key points on disassembling the Orion telescope for cleaning. In general, you can improve your viewing experience by cleaning the Orion telescope lens with these steps:

  • Use an air puffer to remove all dirt or dust particles from the lens.
  • Use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol, acetone, or lens cleaning fluid to gently swab the lens.
  • Allow the lens to air-dry or use the air puffer.
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