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Gotcha Covered: OtterBox Cases, Covers, and Skins for your LG Cell Phone

OtterBox cases, covers, and skins for LG cell phones are designed to protect a wide range of cellphones, from smaller phones to larger models. They are also available in a variety of different colors, prints, and finishes. You can highlight covers by accessories, protection, or both.

Which phones are compatible with OtterBox cases?

Otterbox cases and covers are compatible with a variety of different phones with slightly different dimensions. Apple, LGs, and Samsung devices are all supported. For LG cell phones, OtterBox cases are compatible with the LG G4 and the LG G5.

What types of cases exist?

A variety of different case designs are available as a phone protector such as the OtterBox Defender case, which is a case from the OtterBox Defender series. Additional cases include:

  • 3D: 3D cases typically have three dimensional, decorative features on the back of the case that stick out past the rest.
  • Battery: Battery designs include a piece that is chargeable and can provide extra battery life to the device.
  • Bumper: Bumper cases extend across the back, the top, the sides, and just over the front of the case to provide a barrier between the screen and any surfaces the phone contacts.
  • Flip: Flip cases typically include a top layer that folds over the front of the phone.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid cases include features from multiple case types.
  • Clip: Clip cases have a clip mounted to the back that helps attach to clothing items or bags.
  • Fitted: Fitted cases or skins fit very close to the device and are designed to flex. They are usually made from materials like silicone or rubber.
  • Wallet: Wallet cases often include card pockets and a wrist loop.
Which features are available?

Features include card pockets, kickstands, lightweight materials, screen protectors, shock proofing, water resistance, and clips. Clips attach to the back of the device to adhere to different clothing items. Water resistance provides some level of protection against moisture. Shock proofing typically describes silicone, gel, or rubber that serves as a middle layer to absorb extra impact. Screen protectors blanket the front of the device to limit cracks, scratches, and dust exposure. Lightweight materials add as little bulk as possible to the device. Kickstands allow the device to stand by itself. Card pockets are accessible for identification, credit, or debit cards.

What colors and finishes are options?

OtterBox cases and covers come in a range of different colors and finishes. Tones include black, blue, clear, multi-color, pink, purple, red, and white. Finishes can be glossy, jeweled, matte, metallic, patterned, pictorial, plain, or transparent. Differing levels of sheen and texture differentiate cases.

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