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OtterBox Cell Phone Cases, Covers, and Skins for ZTE

Alhough cell devices are made to be strong and withstand most types of damage, it's wise to add even more protection to your phone via a phone case. A ZTE phone case made by OtterBox is crafted from sturdy, heavy-duty materials meant to protect your smartphone even in the most extreme circumstances.

What Types of ZTE Phone Cases Are Available?

Buying the right case or cover for your ZTE phone depends on many factors that include the level of protection you require for your phone, what your budget is, and what type of case you prefer. OtterBox has several phone case designs to select from with multiple benefits and features.

  • ZTE Blade Z Max: Made to house the ZTE Blade Z Max phone, the Achiever case is a two-layer case that minimizes damage from drops. Made of rubber, the slim cover still fits into your pocket since it's not as bulky as other protective smartphone covers are.
  • ZTE Maven 3 and Overture 3: The Achiever case that fits these two ZTE phones is part of the sturdy Achiever series for this brand of cell phone. The dual-layer style of the phone case is certified to protect against drops.
  • ZTE AVID 4: To protect this type of ZTE cell, you'll need the Achiever case that complements the specific style. The two-layer design of this case ensures you can drop, tap, and bump your phone and it stays protected.

What Are the Features of OtterBox Cases?

With a reputation for protection, OtterBox combines functionality with shockproof protection to bring consumers a premiere series of phone cases for the ZTE line of phones.

  • Polycarbonate Design: Polycarbonate is known for its toughness, and the company uses this material to craft its ZTE phone cases.
  • Multiple Parts: Unlike some phone cases, OtterBox creates its covers with more than one layer of protection. That means two (or in some cases, three) layers combine to create a sturdy barrier for your ZTE.
  • Color and Design Options: Leave basic black behind in favor of numerous color options for a more customized feel for your ZTE. Personalize your phone with color combinations like hot pink and gray, among others.

WhichZTE Accessories Should You Consider?

Make using your ZTE even more functional when you splurge on more than just the right cover. Adding accessories can both enhance your phone experience and make calls and Web browsing more convenient.

  • Screen Protector: Since the Achiever series does have a lip that comes up to protect your screen, it's not completely without a barrier, but you might want to consider a screen protector to maximize safety for your screen. This thin piece of material slides over your phone's display to reduce the risk of cracks or breaks.
  • ZTE Holster: When you're on the go, a holster lets you clip your ZTE to your belt loop, so you always have it nearby, but don't have to reach into a pocket or purse to grab it.

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