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Protect Your Cell Phone With a Clear Case or Cover from OtterBox

Several different clear cases and covers are offered for the protection of phones. These cases offered feature a variety of different safety features, such as drop protection, and are made from different materials of construction. These clear products come in several different designs with several sleek backings in differing colors.

What are some of the protective features offered?

The clear covers and cases for mobile devices offered feature a range of different features for protection against both shocks and environmental hazards. The clear designs may feature dual layers with different materials, including specialty plastics and rubber for resistance against shocks. In addition, the edges of the covers offered may be beveled, depending on the model, for the purpose of protecting the screen of the mobile devices they are designed for.

In addition, the products are designed to provide a seal around phones in order to prevent dirt and debris from entering the mobile devices they protect. Materials of construction and protective features of individual products is variable. Cases have different fastening methods as well, with some cases offering snap-on functionality as a feature. Product thickness is variable, and there are some designs specifically focused on offering as sleek a case as possible.

What colors and designs are offered?

While products feature clear designs, several different colors are available while still keeping a transparent backing. In addition to solid colored offerings, select products also feature designs such as stripes. These designs may wrap around the body of the case and may be dispersed throughout the backing of the clear products. Multiple colors may be featured against the clear backings depending on the individual product listing. Products featuring multiple layers may utilize slightly different colors for the different layers of protection. Listings may feature the same product model in multiple colors. The availability of multiple designs and colors for an individual listing is variable. Some of the colors used in the designs are:

  • Clear
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Pink
Are different phone models supported?

Yes, there is a range of different brands that are compatible with the clear products listed. Among individual brands that have compatible products, there are different models of phones of the same line that may have compatible clear cases. The availability of a case for a specific mobile device type is not guaranteed. Select products may feature compatibility with several different generations of the same product line while others may only be compatible with a single product in the generation cycle.