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Everything You Need to Know About Selecting an OtterBox Green Cell Phone Case

The OtterBox brand started in 1998, and it originally offered device-specific smartphone cases for outdoor enthusiasts. The company has since branched out and produces various cell phone cases both for regular and outdoor use with many options in various shades of green.

What are the different types of cell phone cases?

There are many different types of OtterBox cases that provide varying levels of protection, all of which are available in some shade of green. Some only protect the back whereas others are rugged and put a thick shield all the way around your device. In addition, each type has a different aesthetic. You should consider how much protection you need along with how you want your device to look after putting the case on. Some of the different types of cases are:

  • Standard: These provide a medium level of protection. They will usually include a screen protector and a moderately thick material that you slip on the back.
  • Rugged: Rugged cases use thicker material to better protect against shock and other forms of damage. They may or may not be resistant to water and other elements.
  • Holster: This is a piece that goes on the back of your cell phone. The holster will make your device easier to hold, but it only provides slight protection on the back of your device.
  • Shell: This type uses a shell that snaps around your device. The shell is usually easy to remove so that you can transfer it from one device to another. It typically provides moderate protection.
What are the common features available with OtterBox phone cases?

There is nothing wrong with wanting a little extra from your case. These extra features can add functionality to your phone, such as making it easier to watch movies, or can give extra protection against the elements. Here are some of the common features that are available:

  • Folio case: A folio case uses a portfolio design, so you can flip back the cover and rest the phone on its side. This option allows you to place the device on a flat surface and watch movies or play games.
  • Screen protector: Not all cases come with a screen protector. Depending on which one you choose, the screen protector can range from thin and flexible plastic to a thick sheet of material.
  • Extra protection: Most cases are made to resist drops and dust, but other cases are made to also guard against water, shock, and extreme temperatures. Check the specifications to see if the case provides this extra protection.
How do you put device-specific cases on a different device?

OtterBox primarily makes device-specific cases designed for certain phones, such as the Apple iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, and Google Pixel 2. If you have these specific devices, then you can just place the case on your phone. If you have a different device, then you will want to get the measurements of that device and get a case with the same dimensions.

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