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Choosing Protective OtterBox Wallet Cases for Your Cell Pohone

OtterBox is a Europe-based company dedicated to producing protective cases for mobile devices. While standard cases have been around for several years, the wallet case has recently received its own product lines. Most wallet cases hold multiple charge cards and have several protective features for your mobile device.

What phones fit in OtterBox wallet cases?

OtterBox wallet cell phone cases come in a variety of different sizes and fits depending on the series. Most cases are designed to fit one specific phone model. Some of the phones that can fit in an OtterBox wallet case include: iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 7/7s, iPhone 8, and the Galaxy S7.

What are the features of the Symmetry phone wallets?
  • Cash/card slot: The wallet portion of this series can hold up to three credit cards at a time without interfering with your phone usage.
  • Drop protection: The dual-defensive layers protect your mobile device from minor knocks and drops while handling the case.
  • Color options: This series is available in multiple colors, such as Shadow (black), Azure Wave (dark blue), Berry in Love (purple), Nightscape (dark gray), Cafe Racer (burgundy), Nordic Frost (light blue), and Mauve Dream (pink).
  • Screen cover: The thin folio cover keeps touchscreen free from scratches and scrapes when not in use.
  • Folio stand: The Symmetry case folds into a stand that props up your device while watching videos, playing games, or simply browsing the web.
What does the Commuter Series case feature?
  • Slim design: These cases are smaller than other wallet cases, allowing them to fit into smaller pockets, purses, or bags.
  • Cash/card slot: The wallet slot, either behind the case or on front, can hold up to three credit cards and one bill, or four cards in total.
  • Drop protection: The soft inner layer cushions the cellular device, while the hard outer layers absorb and deflect impacts on unforgiving surfaces.
  • Self-adhering screen protector: These plastic screens guard against scratches and scrapes to the glass display.
  • Port covers: The included dangles are connected to the case. They simply pop into the headphone and/or charging ports to block out dust, dirt, and pocket lint.
What materials are OtterBox cases made from?

OtterBox cases are made from a variety of different materials depending on the series, color, and protection level. Colored OtterBox cases are made from ABS plastic reinforced with fiberglass to protect your iPhone or Galaxy phones. Clear cases are constructed from impacted polycarbonate. Some cases are also made from softer materials, like leather and faux leather.

When can OtterBox phone wallets be used?

OtterBox cases store all of your important items, like credit cards and licenses, in one convenient place. The cases also have the dual purpose of protecting your mobile device from minor drops and accidents. So whether you're on vacation or simply going on a stroll around town, you can use an OtterBox wallet case to carry the essentials while also preventing the likelihood of phone damage.

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