Choosing a Sync Cord to Keep Your PDA Charged

When your whole life sits inside a little device, it's essential that you have a power cord that will keep it up and running. There is nothing worse than forgetting what time the meeting starts and when you check your PDA's low-battery flash. Thanks to the multiple types of chargers available, you can always have a way to charge the device no matter where you are or what you are doing. Once you have charged your personal digital assistant (PDA), take out the stylus and start updating the calendar.

What Types of Chargers Can Users Pick to Charge a PDA?

  • Wall - A wall charger is available as a two-piece unit or as a single unit with an attached, unremovable cord.
  • Travel - Having a car charger in your automobile means that you can charge as you drive around town doing your errands. Since you shouldn't be looking at your PDA while driving, one of the best times to charge your device is in the car. Travel chargers do not automatically mean car, there are smaller sized ones that are ideal for taking with you on trips.
  • Cradle - Instead of plugging the cord into your device, use a cradle to power up. Yes, you still need to use an electrical outlet, but unlike a standard cord, you simply put your PDA in the cradle and it charges. Set it next to your bed or on your desk, wherever you want and have space for it to sit.

How to Choose a PDA Power Cord?

  • Compatibility - The main compatibility must be between the power cord and the Palm PDA model you own. If you own more than one device or if others in your home own one, you might be able to share cables. For example, a USB cable for models 110 and 11 will also fit the Z22 and ZIRE 21.
  • USB - Since the majority of charging and data cables are USB, it's easy to transfer data from your Palm device to your computer.
  • Rapid Charger - Don't wait hours for your device to fully charge, instead, use a rapid or fast charger and get it done faster.
  • Cable Length - It might not seem like a big deal, but if you want to use the unit while it's charging, then the cable must be long enough to reach from the power source to where you are sitting. A shorter cable is ideal for transferring data to the computer.