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Petmate Dog Cages and Crates

Petmate dog crates provide security and safety for pets and peace of mind for owners. Available in different styles and sizes to accommodate a wide variety of pets, these cages and kennels can become a home within any home. Petmate dog cages and crates can reduce the cost of damages around the house and become part of a calming routine for your pet.

What sizes do Petmate dog carriers and crates come in?

Petmate pet carriers and kennels come in all sizes between 19 and 43 inches to accommodate dogs between one and 125 pounds. Petmate carriers come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials to ensure a pleasant experience with ventilation for each small, medium, or large dog.

How do you assemble a kennel?

There are lots of videos available online about how to assemble Petmate dog kennels. Most Petmate kennels come in two large pieces to form the top and bottom of the space. The top and bottom latch together, and a wire door encloses the rest of the space. Specific types of door closures depend on the particular model that you select.

What prevents a dog from escaping a Petmate kennel?

The fasteners between the top and bottom of the kennel and the way the latch on the wire door fastens shut and prevents your dog from escaping. The door can only be opened from the outside.

What size dog belongs in what size Petmate crate?

Dogs vary in stature and shape. Typically, plastic Petmate kennels are sized based on pet weight. However, this may vary if your pet is dense and small, medium, or light and tall. Body types vary in pets just like in humans. You can always measure your dog to see which length and height would work ideally and allow for maximum ventilation. Dimensions are listed with particular models.

How large are Petmate crates when they are collapsed?

The space that a plastic kennel takes up when it is collapsed is predictably much less than when it is assembled. Wire Petmate crates that flatten to collapse will consume less space than plastic crates that remain in two top and bottom plastic pieces. The dimensions depend on the particular model of Petmate kennel or carrier that you select for your dog.

Can you travel with your pet in a Petmate cage?

Yes, provided that the airline you use accepts pets on the flight. If pooches are allowed, they typically ride in the cargo compartment at the bottom of the plane. The airline may require you to check your pet much like a bag when you travel. If you are traveling by car, your pet should fit comfortably in the back of your vehicle.