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Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes are designed to help users care for their teeth and gums for enhanced oral health. Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushes utilize unique technology to increase cleaning ability and reduce plaque. The different Philips Sonicare models are designed for various preferences, so its easy to find the sonic toothbrush thats right for you.

What is sonic toothbrush technology?

A sonic or ultrasonic toothbrush works by moving the brush head quickly from side to side across and over the teeth. Philips sonic brushes vibrate at high speeds of more than 31,000 brush strokes per minute. This speed causes tiny bubbles to form between the bristles of the electric toothbrush and the teeth. These bubbles are able to improve cleaning and plaque removal by penetrating between the teeth.

What is Philips DiamondClean technology?

DiamondClean technology, which is available on some Philips Sonicare models, utilizes a diamond-shaped brush and comes preset with five different settings, including clean, white, polish, sensitive, and gum care. This toothbrush is rechargeable, and it comes with a glass cup charger that plugs into the wall. The sonic toothbrush must be placed in the glass cup to get recharged. These brushes also include a travel case that can double as a charger for convenience when you are on the go.

What is a DiamondClean Smart toothbrush?

This technology allows you to connect your smartphone to your electric toothbrush to learn about your habits and how you can brush more effectively. The smartphone application is able to provide real-time information about how you use your sonic toothbrush as well as give you instant feedback about where else you may need to brush more to encourage benefits.

Can you use multiple brush heads on a sonic toothbrush?

Philips Sonicare products are compatible with multiple brush heads, and there are many different heads that you can choose. Brush heads are available to focus on plaque removal, whitening, sensitivity, gum health, and more. The variety of options available is meant to ensure that there is an appropriate brush head for any mouth.

How long does the battery in a sonic toothbrush last?

Each Sonicare electric toothbrush is rechargeable, and many of the models use lithium-ion batteries that can last for up to three weeks without needing to be recharged. While some toothbrushes utilize a charging stand, other sonic models utilize the glass induction charging.

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