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Everything You Need to Know about Choosing Pioneer TV, Video, and Home Audio Remote Controls

A quality remote allows you to conveniently access all of the functions on your receiver. The remote may also allow you to select functions for the inputs and outputs connected to the receiver. On eBay, you can choose from a variety of types of new and used Pioneer receiver remotes.

What are the available types of new Pioneer receiver remotes?

Some of the available types of Pioneer receiver remotes include:

  • TV services: Choose a remote that works with the cable box, TiVo unit, DirecTV service, or TV set.
  • Home audio equipment: Select a remote to control the stereo, speakers, Sirius/XM player, or CD player.
  • Audio and visual equipment: Choose a remote to control the DVD player, Blu-ray player, or VCR.
What functions is a Pioneer receiver remote able to perform?

The new and used Pioneer receiver remotes are able to perform several functions, including the following:

  • Media selection: Select the media type, such as tuner, turntable, CD, DVD, or TV.
  • Volume control: There are options to mute, increase, or decrease the volume.
  • Channel changing: The remote can change the channel of the TV.
  • Disc changing: The remote may change the selected disc in a CD changer.
What are some features of an affordable Pioneer receiver remote?

Some of the features for the Pioneer receiver remotes include the following:

  • Color coding: The remote buttons such as power, play, and mute may be color-coded for ease of recognizing the function.
  • Symbol and word labeling: The buttons on the remote may have both symbol and word labeling.
  • Snap-in battery door: The battery door opens by pushing down on the clasp. No tools are required for accessing the battery compartment.
  • Ergonomic design: The sides of the remotes have grips for maintaining a solid grasp.
How do you choose a Pioneer receiver remote on eBay?

When you are shopping for a new or used Pioneer receiver remote on eBay, consider its:

  • Compatibility: Choose a remote that is universally compatible or one that works with a specific model of receiver.
  • Size: The remotes range in size from 2 to 3 inches wide by 5 to 8 inches long by 1 to 2 inches deep.
  • Color: Choose black, gray, or silver.
  • Button layout: Some remotes put frequently used buttons in the center while others have them laid out in a grid.