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Polo Jeans Co. Men's Jeans

Polo Jeans Co. Mens Jeans

Polo Ralph Lauren offers Polo jeans for men of all body types. Whether slim stretch, straight slim, or slim fit, one of the many options from Polo Ralph Lauren should accommodate. By using different dyes and fade patterns, Polo jeans combine style with function.

What color denim does Polo Ralph Lauren offer?

Polo Ralph Lauren denim can come in colors like red, tan, white, black, and green, among other patterns. Even so, the classic line of blue denim also varies significantly. Some Polo Ralph Lauren denim has deep, saturated colors, while others have faded areas and shadow creases to add dimension. Another technique used by Polo Ralph Lauren is the act of distressing, even to where it has rips and fraying.

What are the different styles of Polo Ralph Lauren jeans?

Every size of Polo Ralph Lauren jeans comes in many different fits. Polo jeans can be relaxed or slim fit. The Polo slim fit is contoured to show more of the persons body shape. The other part of the fit describes the width of the jeans from waist to heel. Straight fit means that the leg width is the same, top to bottom. Narrow fit hugs closer to the bottom of the leg, and skinny or stretch jeans are nearly skintight, hugging the entire leg. Some other specialized Polo Ralph Lauren styles of jeans are listed below:

  • Polo Selvedge jeans: These jeans are designed with the bottom permanently cuffed up, showing the inside of the denim and hems. This Polo Ralph Lauren style can be combined with any fit from stretch to relaxed jeans.
  • Polo Ralph Lauren carpenter jeans: These jeans include accessory pockets and loops for storing tools while working on projects.
  • Polo Hampton jeans: These jeans are a classic option designed with comfort and style in mind. This Polo Ralph Lauren denim is intended to have some give through the seat which then leads into a straight leg.
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Sullivan jeans: This classic slim fit denim has a stretch fit option as well.
How do you measure for Polo Ralph Lauren jean sizes?

Whether youre looking to buy a classic pair of slim stretch or straight low denim Polo Ralph Lauren pants, determining the proper size takes only a few measurements. Simply measuring around the waist and the inseam, from the ankle along the inside of your leg, provides all the necessary information. Polo Ralph Lauren pants sizes are simply a combination of the waist and height in inches.

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