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Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Hats

Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Hats

The Polo Ralph Lauren offers a cap collection including baseball caps featuring the Ralph Lauren polo player and sports logos. Plus, the Polo Ralph Lauren brand has a line of winter beanies as well as billed drivers caps in the mix.

What is a Ralph Lauren beanie?

Beanies are hats with no visor. These types of hats are winter accessories and are also called sock hats or stocking caps. Most Polo Ralph Lauren winter hats are composed of wool and cotton blends. Some different types of Ralph Lauren beanies are described below.

  • Polo Ralph Lauren skull caps are made of felt and have six individual three-sided panels sewn together with the tips at the center.
  • Ralph Lauren watch caps are knitted caps that get their name from the hats that military watchmen wore. The Polo Ralph Lauren watch caps have cuffs that fold up with a logo or patch facing out.
  • Pom-pom caps designed by Polo Ralph Lauren have bottoms that fold up, and they also have a ball at the top of the cap. Most Polo Ralph Lauren caps with pom-poms feature multiple colors, usually combining black with a brighter red or yellow.
What sizes are Ralph Lauren caps?

Fixed-size Polo Ralph Lauren baseball caps come in three sizes, S, M, and L, which equates to an inner circumference of 22 inches, 23 inches, and 24 inches, respectively. Some caps are either marked S/M or L/XL, and these respective measurements are 21-1/2 inches and 23 inches. Other Polo Ralph Lauren baseball caps are available in a single size only with a leather band in the back for size adjustment and an inner circumference of 23 inches. All beanies are one size and stretch to accommodate different head sizes.

What are Polo Ralph Lauren stadium caps?

Ralph Lauren first introduced their sports stadium collection, also called the P-wing collection, with caps in 1992 and re-issued these items in 2017. These Polo baseball caps are red or white and have Ralph Lauren-specific logos on them, including the word "Polo" and the year "1992." There is also a stadium beanie in a similar style that is black, white, and blue with a pom-pom. This beanie has "New York" knitted across the midsection in reference to the home of the Polo Ralph Lauren company.

Why does Ralph Lauren put a horse on baseball caps?

The horse and rider patch represents a polo player and was one of the first logos Ralph Lauren used, hence the name of his mens brand, Polo Ralph Lauren. This line of baseball caps features a polo player logo on a variety of different colored hats.

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