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QLogic Internal Network Card

QLogic manufactures and sells NICs designed for PCIe expansion ports. Developed for SANs, or Storage Area Networks, the company's high-speed NICs demonstrated the industry's first implementation of Fibre Channel technology with data transfer speeds up to 32 Gbps. Administrators can manage these NICs with drivers and free software utilities available on QLogic's support page.

What is a QLogic card?

The company manufactures PCI Express NICs or HBAs that include Fibre Channel support. The firm provides the industry's first Fibre Channel adapter for SANs with information transfer speeds up to 32 Gbps. These controllers allow administrators to connect computers and servers to transfer data quickly.

The company manufactured the industry's first NICs to utilize Fibre Channel technology. The firm designed these adapters to achieve transfer speeds of up to 32 Gbps, making them helpful for SANs in-data centers with large storage demands. These NICs provide throughput based on modern protocols as well.

What is QLogic Execution Throttle?

The firmware's Execution Throttle specifies how many commands an adapter can execute on a specific port. If internet activities exceed this number of commands on a target port, Execution Throttle will not accept new commands until the current command finishes. Users can set a limit on commands for Execution Throttle with the QConvergeConsole GUI utility.

What is the QLogic QConvergeConsole GUI?

QLogic provides their QConvergeConsole GUI as a tool for administrators to install, configure, and manage NICs. The management tool runs on Windows x86 and x64 systems. The firm offers the hardware management tool for free. It provides I/O virtualization and provisioning, topology maps, parameter and firmware management, and much more.

How can QLogic HBA be reset in Linux?

On Linux, the system administrator must reset the HBA, or Host Bus Adapter, from the command line. If you are running power path on the server, run the following command: "powermt config". If you are running multipath, use the alternative command: "multipath -v2".

How do you find a QLogic HBA model on Windows?

On Windows, you can typically find their HBA model through the Device Manager in the Control Panel. Alternatively, you can locate their HBA model using the QConvergeConsole GUI utility. Finally, you can locate their model from the command line by typing "ipconfig -all", and the desired information should be displayed next to the description for the correct device type.

Who owns QLogic?

Established in November of 1992, QLogic is a semiconductor firm based in San Jose, California. Cavium purchased the firm in 2016 with plans to relocate it to Irving, California. The firm manufactures some of its integrated circuit boards in China. QLogic has won several awards for their work, including Cisco Systems' Excellence in Technology Award and the HPC Wire Editors' Choice Award.

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