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RCA Vintage Microphones

Microphones from RCA are available in styles like ribbon microphones and varacoustic microphones. These mics can provide you with the means do various sound recording jobs. In addition, you can pair these vintage microphones with other audio equipment for your studio.

What styles of microphones can you purchase?

RCA vintage microphones are available in styles like pressure microphones and ribbon microphones. You can also select RCA mics by their features, such as non-directional, their output level, and their sound levels. Some of the most common RCA microphones include models such as:

  • The classic RCA ribbon microphone. A ribbon mic, sometimes called a ribbon velocity microphone, uses a ribbon made of a thin strip of material, most commonly aluminum or a nanofilm. It is these materials that allow the mic to pick up audible sounds in the room. These microphones all operate on the same basic principles, but they can take on different forms, such as flat, rectangular shapes or round, wider devices. Examples are the RCA Ribbon Microphone KB-2C Microphone RCA Paintbrush Microphone and the RCA 77DX vintage broadcast ribbon microphone.
  • Unlike the previous microphone, the companys pressure mics are open only at one side, with the other being completely sealed. These types of audio devices are designed to pick up noises by the either reducing or increasing the air pressure on the diaphragm. This change in pressure extends in all directions, making the pressure principle important in omnidirectional mics.
  • Pressure microphones from the company are also available in different style configurations depending on your needs. Some models are flat while others are cone-shaped. These items may or may not also include disk accessories on the head for sound amplification.
  • You can purchase all varieties of these vintage ribbon and pressure microphones in any of these configurations.
What vintage RCA microphone accessories are available?

In addition to the various microphone models RCA offers, there are accessories you can purchase for them. Some of the most common mic accessories available include items such as:

  • Vintage fabric mic cover bags in their original forms, complete with the retro logo in red and white colors. These bags include zippers for secure opening and closing and are around 12 inches in overall length.
  • You can also buy broadcast equipment or cables to add to any existing mics you may own already.
  • There are prop items available such as military era equipment.
  • Metal broadcast badges from the company are also available to complement your mics.
  • You can purchase a variety of compatible mic stands to house your recording equipment.
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