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How to Purchase RadioShack Digital Trunking Radio Scanners

Many people like to keep up with the events in their immediate vicinity and ensure the safety of their neighborhoods, and thats where a handheld scanner comes into play. These RadioShack trunking scanners, also called police scanners, use digital or analog technology to communicate public safety information to citizens, and they come in different types with numerous features. 

What Are the Types of Scanners?

RadioShack is an electronics manufacturer that creates a variety of devices, among them, trunking scanners. What does trunking mean? It refers to the frequency of the scanners programming; when scanners are trunked, they let many users share frequencies. There are a few types of scanners to consider when youre in the market for a digital handheld device.

  • A handheld scanner is portable and small enough to carry with you on the go. These range from palm-sized to the size of a small radio system. A handheld digital scanner has all of the features that a larger version offers, but its simply more portable for use out in the field.
  • Some digital scanners are meant for mobility. An in-vehicle scanner mounts inside your car, and these are the types of systems that law enforcement officers generally use.
  • A base station serves as the central unit of the radio scanner. This is where a dispatcher can relay messages to any of the handheld units so everyone can hear the same message, or he or she can relay communications to a specific unit via the base station or command center.

What Are Some Scanner Features?

Whether its analog or digital, a scanner has numerous important and useful features that make it even more functional.

  • Some models not only pick up VHF frequency bands, but they also pick up HF and UHF frequencies.
  • A scanner with recording capability lets you record transmitted messages. 
  • Scanners have AM and FM modulations, which allows you to pick up different types of communications like public safety vs. Aircraft communications.

What Does Channel Memory in a Scanner Mean?

Youll notice as you browse radio systems that many have a number of channels represented, with some having 1,000 or more. 

  • The number of channels your radio has determines how many systems you can receive transmissions from, so the more channels you have, the more agencies you have the option to listen to.
  • Those who live in a small town or city may only need a small number of channels because there simply wont be as many options to pick up.
  • Living in a larger area means that there are more channels find, or you may be interested in listening to areas outside your own area. This could mean you desire more channels, depending on how experienced you are using a radio and what your interest level is.

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