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Red Handbags and Purses for Women

Many women carry a leather bag of some kind on a daily basis, and these bags and shoulder bags may hold everything from a wallet and makeup to car keys, a smartphone, and more. Red is a bright, visible color that is commonly found in women's handbags. This festive color can be seen in multiple purse styles from clutches to hobo bags to backpacks and in many materials like leather and canvas.

What shades of red do leather handbags come in?

Red describes numerous shades that range from a deep cherry color to a vibrant strawberry color. Burgundy, firetruck red, and other shades are also available. For all shades, this is a dominant hue that expresses deep emotion and energy. Because red is a bold color on a leather satchel, shoulder bag, tote, or another type of bag, it may indicate that you are a woman who likes to get noticed. Remember that red may combine with other colors, like black, for added flair to your shoulder bag or clutch. Red may be the dominant color in these mixed-hue bags or it may provide an accent on a pocket, strap, or zipper pull.

What are benefits of using a red leather shoulder bag?

While women who use leather handbags, shoulder bags, and totes in red may express their boldness through this color selection, there are practical reasons to choose a bag, purse or handbag of this color. Because this is such an eye-catching color for a shoulder bag, you may find it difficult to misplace your red bag or to leave the bag behind unintentionally. This color of bag or shoulder bag may also show dirt less easily than white, beige or light tan. Red and black may even be combined together to enjoy similar benefits.

What are some of the leather bag styles available?

Many of the same bag styles available in red and other similar shades and materials include a tote, a handbag, a small clutch, a shoulder bag or a purse. These bags and shoulder bags materials are available in various sizes with a wide range of features, and they are:

  • A leather shoulder bag or handbag may have a large, comfortable handle.
  • A tote or satchel may have a strap that is designed to go over your shoulder.
  • A leather purse, bag, or shoulder bag can have multiple compartments and even zippered compartments for organization.