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Overview of Your Options in Rega Turntables

Rega carefully crafts their turntables, paying special attention to the tonearms in their attempt to provide consistent good audio quality. Many of Rega's turntables are built with 24V low vibration motors and come with removable dust covers. There are a number of options offered in this large eBay collection.

Are turntable packages available?

Yes, there are Rega turntable packages available. The Rega Planar 2 System Package comes with a Planar 2 Turntable, an MM/MC phono pre-amp, 2m RCA to RCA cable, powered speakers, a cork turntable mat, and a record cleaning brush. Other available packages are the Rega Turntable Planar 1 with Active Bluetooth Speakers and the Rega Turntable RP1 with Performance Pack. The Turntable Planar 1 package comes with a phono pre-amp, a performance pack upgrade, and Bluetooth speakers. As long as your smartphone is Bluetooth-capable, you can play music from your phone on this turntable.

What types of tonearms does Rega use in their turntables?

The type of tonearm varies among different models. Three tonearms that Rega uses in their products include RB220, RB330, and RB880. Designed by the brand itself, the RB220 tonearm features zero play ball bearings, ultra low friction, automatic bias setting, and an aluminum arm tube. The RB330 tonearm is made with 3D CAD & CAM technology, and it features a 100g mild steel balance weight, precision horizontal and vertical bearings, and an integrated arm clip. Rega's RB880 tonearm as found in the Planar 8 Neo model features advanced preloaded zero tolerance bearing. It is adjusted to less than 1000th of a mm. The brand's goal in creating this tonearm was friction-free movement. Other characteristics of this tonearm include a low capacitance phono cable, locking phono plugs, and a thin stainless steel balance weight.

What are common features of Rega turntables?

Rega has a variety of turntables to choose from that have the following features:

  • Self-securing brass bearing - This feature is designed to decrease stress on the bearing and improve fit.
  • Low vibration motor - A lower vibrating motor helps improve sound.
  • Integrated cooling - Some cover trays have integrated cooling to help keep the motor cool during operation.
  • Instructions - New products come with instructions, so you will know how to correctly set up and use the turntable. If you're buying a used item, check the product description to know if it comes with the instruction manual.
  • Dust cover - Many of their turntables come with dust covers to help protect the vinyl from dust.
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