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Rhonda Shear Bras and Bra Sets for Women

After getting her start as a beauty queen and comedy actress, Rhonda Shear used her experience to create a bra that suits many womens needs. Her clothing company focuses on creating comfortable and durable brassieres like the Ahh Bra. The many styles available from Rhonda Shear are designed to fit right while improving a womans appearance.

What bra types are made by Rhonda Shear?

You can find many types of bras in the Rhonda Shear collection. Some of the options include the following:

  • Ahh Bra - This product is designed to be so comfortable that women say \"ahh\" when they put it on. It has no underwire or hooks. Instead, it has thick straps and a supportive band.
  • Pinup - The Rhonda Shear Pinup is similar to the Ahh Bra, but it has a satin bow, lace trim, and mesh dots. As the name implies, it is intended to give a \"pinup model\" look.
  • Leisure - Created for more casual scenarios, the Rhonda Shear Leisure bra features a comfortable racerback and sports bra design for leisure activities.
  • Seamless - The Seamless bandeau, longline, and bralette styles are designed to look smooth under clothes while being comfortable enough to sleep in at night.
  • Traditional - Rhonda Shears Traditional options have molded cups for underwires. These provide extra breast support.
Are Rhonda Shear products lined?

The special fabrication of Rhonda Shear products is thick enough to minimize most bulges. However, there are also unlined options for women who want a more natural shape. Most Rhonda Shear types include removable pads that can be inserted to provide a smoother appearance if desired. Some of the Rhonda Shear push-up options even include extra padding to boost size.

What sizes are available for Rhonda Shear bras?

Rhonda Shear does not use the traditional bra sizing methods that require complicated measurements. Instead, you just need to buy the bra that matches your normal shirt size. The fabric is made from a special knit that expands when needed while still hugging your shape.

Rhonda Shear makes bras that can fit most girls and women. They range in size from extra-small to triple extra-large.

What colors can you choose for your Rhonda Shear bra?

To appeal to a wide range of styles and tastes, Rhonda Shear bras are available in various hues. Common options include the following:

  • Black
  • Beige
  • Brown
  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Green
How do you clean the Rhonda Shear bras?

The nylon and polyester fibers used to construct the fabric will not be misshapen by conventional washing machines. Therefore, you can machine wash the bras in cold water and tumble dry them without damaging their shape.

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