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Rogers Vintage Drums

The high-quality and highly regarded Rogers brand drum set the standard for snare drums in the 60's. Rogers drums were manufactured in America. Jazz, classic rock, big band, and swing drummers used the drum. This particular brand got its name from Joseph Rogers, an Irish immigrant. Rogers heads were used to make the first drum kit. They were made from shells and random hardware selection from other manufactures. Quality in design or construction was always above standard. One of the most celebrated drum models by Rogers is the Dyna-sonic snare. The vintage brand has several kits or drum sets in the Vintage Rogers collection.

What Are Some Features of the Reinvented Rogers Dynasonic Drumset?

The manufacturing and design of original Rogers drums influence many builders today. The reinvention of the Rogers Dynasonic is appreciated by amateurs, professionals and drum collectors. The vintage brand has maintained a high ranking among other drum kits over the years. The newly redesigned Rogers drum kit gives a vintage design and superior sound similar to the original model. New age drummers can experience the same quality as that experienced decades ago. The new version has the original wood shell snare. The features of the new Vintage Rogers Drum Set it apart from other bass drums. The system is made from hardwood and has the famous ten-lug design. Available finishes include silver sparkle, white marine pearl, and black diamond pearl. A floating snare rail system marks the center of the drum while beavertails along with bread and butter tighteners mark the vintage design of the set. The greatest feature is the sound closely mimics that of the traditional Rogers kits. Other features of the reintroduced vintage drums include:

  • Flawless chrome lug cast
  • Snare frame
  • Single screw butt
  • Black felt dampener
  • Precision cast chromed hardware
  • Tom mounts

What To Look For in Vintage Drum Sets?

Vintage drum sets are beautifully designed. There are several models available. There is a unique design and look to traditional sets as the finish and tone have a lustrous shine. Quality in parts and build is a key factor. Originality is sometimes more important than sound. Research the manufacturer of the set to ensure quality. Features, production dates, performance rating, size, and finish should be inspected. A standard drum kit may include a snare stand, hi-hat stand, cymbal stands, hi-hats, bass drum pedals, and a symbol. The 1960's Rogers 16-inch floor tom drum is a highly regarded piece of equipment. Also, consider the style and reinforcement rings; for example, three-ply maple shells with reinforcement rings enhance the look of a set. There is a wide selection available in Rogers drums.

  • Challenger Drum Set
  • Classic Outfit
  • Classmate Outfit
  • Holiday Outfit
  • Constellation Set
  • Park Lane Cocktail Outfit
  • Top Hat
  • Comet Set
  • XP8 or XP-8
  • Bellson Kit

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