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A Buyers Guide to Samsung Flip Phones

Cellphones come in a variety of models from touch screen to slider to flip phones. Flip phones are arguably the most compact of the lot, with the ability to slide the screen over the body of the phone. Available in a range of different looks, flip phones are accessible to a wide array of aesthetic tastes.

What are the available features on these devices?

Available features include 3G and 4G data capability, Bluetooth, GPS, internet connectivity, music, and speakerphone capability. 3G and 4G data capability means that regardless of whether the phone is connected to Wi-Fi or not, all of the apps will be usable. If you are on 3G and need to check Facebook or Instagram, youre good to go. Bluetooth connectivity means that other Bluetooth devices are compatible with the phone, including speakers and hands-free car systems. GPS lets you navigate to your favorite vacation destination or dinner spot after a long week of work. Music playing means that your flip phone can serve as your running or gym buddy during the week. The speakerphone option allows you to talk with your significant other on their commute home while youre folding laundry or cooking from across the room.

What colors are available for these Samsung phones?

Flip phones are available in a variety of colors. Some utilize more than one color or material. The back may be one color while edges and accents on the front are another. Color options include

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Gold
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Silver
  • White
What are the storage capacity amounts?

Storage capacity choices range relatively widely for these Samsung devices. Capacity refers to the amount of space available for storing videos, pictures, apps, music, and other data of various types. If youre someone who likes to keep lots of pictures, you might opt for a higher storage capacity, while someone who streamlines their data intake may be perfectly suited with a lower capacity. Options from large to small include 256 GB, 64 GB, 32 GB, 16 GB, 512 MB, 256 MB, and 64 MB.

What materials are utilized in construction?

Different materials are utilized in the construction of these Samsung flip phones, including hard plastic, metals, silicone, gel, rubber, and synthetic leather. Leather can be conditioned periodically to keep the device clean and soft. Hard plastic, silicone, gel, and rubber flip phones and their covers can be wiped down with a slightly damp cloth for maintenance and for dust removal. Metals can be wiped down as well. Take care not to let any moisture into the ports and jacks of the phone. Dry everything completely before use.

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