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A Quick Buying Guide for Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung offers a variety of appliances to homeowners, including full refrigeration units. Their refrigerators come in different styles, sizes, finishes, and in both new and used condition on eBay, allowing you to find the right fit for your kitchen. With refrigeration appliances that fit you and your family's needs, you can turn your kitchen into the most popular room of the house.

What types of Samsung refrigerators are there?

Samsung offers four main types of refrigerators, and they are:

  • Top freezer: Top door Samsung refrigerators have freezer compartments on top and a larger refrigerator compartment down below.
  • Side-by-side: These refrigerators have split doors so that the freezer compartment is on the left and the refrigerator unit is on the right.
  • French door: French door refrigerators have side-by-side doors on top and a full freezer compartment on the bottom. This puts your perishable foods, condiments, and drinks right at eye level.
  • 4-Door Flex: These four-door fridges allow you to convert certain compartments from refrigeration to freezing depending on your changing needs.
What features should you consider in a refrigerator?

Having a refrigerator from Samsung with tons of fun and functional features can save you time and make your cooking tasks easier. Some features offered by Samsung are listed below:

  • Space savers: Some refrigerator styles can actually save you space in your kitchen. For example, French door refrigerators from Samsung save space, as the split doors do not take up as much room when open.
  • Triple Fresh Cooling: Some refrigerator models split the inside compartments into different zones, all of which can be set at different temperatures. This also allows you to keep meats, fish, and vegetables tasting fresher as you can keep them separated.
  • Chef's tray: Samsung offers a stainless steel chef's tray that can be removed from the fridge when its time to make a delicious meal. For example, you can take marinated meat or prepared seafood out of your refrigerator and put it right in the oven.
  • Conversions: Some refrigerators from Samsung allow you to convert fridge compartments to freezing compartments and back again. This feature is extremely useful if you just visited the grocery store or if you are preparing for a party.
  • Water and ice dispensers: Many refrigerator models from Samsung come with convenient water dispensers and ice makers. Some even have a built-in sparkling water dispenser for added convenience.
Where can you find the Samsung fridge serial number?

You can usually find the model and serial number on the inside wall. It is often next to the salad drawer, though you may need to remove the salad drawer to see the number. On French door refrigerators, the serial number can be found on the left interior wall near the middle of the refrigeration unit.

What exterior finishes are available?

Samsung refrigerators have a range of finishes, so you can choose the one that will go well with your kitchen's color scheme. You can find stainless-steel Samsung refrigerators in Black Pearl and White Pearl as well as in varying shades of silver. The stainless-steel exteriors are designed to be fingerprint-resistant for ease of maintenance. These refrigerators have sleek designs, and some are made to be highly reflective and provide a gleaming surface in your kitchen, while others have a more matte finish for a slightly subdued look. Stainless steel is made to stand up to heavy daily use, and it cleans up easily.