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Your Guide to Samsung Flip Cell Phones for Sprint

Samsung flip cell phones for Spring have many features that can make them an attractive choice for consumers. Due to the processor types found in these phones, battery life and drain are lessened while the cell phone is operating in sleep mode. This is also enhanced by the lack of constant streams of syncing data.

What are some features of flip cell phones?
  • Front and rear cameras: These cell phones can have both front- and rear-facing cameras or just one of the two. Cameras can come in varying pixel sizes, ranging from 2 MP to 10 MP.
  • Touchscreen: Not all flip cell phones have touchscreens, though the displays on some flip phones have touch capability. Whether you want a touchscreen comes down to user preference.
  • Analog vs. digital: Analog phones have a layout with push buttons and a black-and-white pixel screen display. The menus can be navigated by pushing physical buttons on the device's interface. Digital phones also have push buttons for menu searching but have an LCD screen.
  • Processor speed: There are numerous processor speeds, and the choice rests on what type of usage you will be doing with your Samsung device. If usage is for simple talk and text, then you may opt for a processor such as the PXA-250 processor that does not require advanced facilitation of RAM.
How do you choose a Samsung flip cell phone?
  • Choose specific usage: Determine what the device will be used for. If a phone is going to be used for entertainment purposes along with talk, text, and data usage, then opt for a touch display with an enhanced processor.
  • Choose battery: Flip phones have different battery types such as the 1000mAh. The battery will determine the capability of the phone. For example, a faster processor will require a stronger battery.
  • Choose color: This is strictly the preference of the user, but choices vary widely, with main colors being silver, red, black, and blue.
  • Choose construction material: Phones made of variations and combinations of both plastic and metal exist. Different materials have their own properties – for example, plastic phones are more lightweight. The choice of material type will be dependent on the usage of the phone.
What are some specific types of Samsung flip cell phones?
  • Samsung SPH M320: This model operates on a CDMA network band. The cell phone's rear-facing aperture has a 0.6 MP camera resolution. The phone capacity is 500 contact entries.
  • Samsung SPH A900 Power Vision: The A900 operates on a GSM network. The device has a storage capacity of 50MB and a lithium ion battery. The rear-facing camera is 1.3 MP.
  • Samsung SPH-M400SASSPR: This flip phone operates on a CDMA network band of 800/850/1900. The device is equipped with 256MB of storage capacity. The front-facing camera is 1.3 MP and has a 2.4-inch LCD screen.
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