Amplificadores de potencia Sansui Vintage

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Vintage Power Amplifiers for Your Home Entertainment Center

Sansui first made transformers and progressed to making audio amplifiers during the 60s through the late 90s. Old-school audiophiles attest that sound from the Japanese amplifiers is warmer and richer. Why not add one of these amplifiers to your hi-fi stereo equipment and see if you also like the sound quality.

What Are the Oldest Vintage Models That Are Available?

  • One of the first tube amps the company made was the AU-70, which is still available alongside other models. The two-channel amplifier produces a total of 50 watts of power delivered through old-style vacuum tubes. 
  • The 1965 AU-111, an integrated amplifier, provides 80 watts of RMS stereo power and 0.8 percent THD (total harmonic distortion), a measurement of input and output signals. The AU-77 model is the first vintage solid state amp the company made.
  • The 1970s integrated receiver AU-9500 has controls for low and high MHz and tuner knobs for bass, mid-range, and treble. You can purchase top tier Definition and Professional Series amplifiers made in the same decade. 

What Other Models Did the Company Make?

  • The company evolved their line of audio vintage amps by adding new technology to the third generation of the 07 Series amps. The Super Feed Forward Diamond Differential circuit reduces THD to 0.005 percent and two channels produce a total of 240 watts of power.
  • The AU-Alpha907, as well as Limited series releases, includes X-balance circuitry to reduce distortion noise. Output ranges from 10 Hz to 20 kHz and 80 to 100 watts per channel depending on the model.
  • The last vintage options, the AU-607 and AU-07 anniversary models made in the late 1990s, include more heavy-duty parts and custom-made capacitors and transistors. The legs are made from solid copper, and insulators placed between the legs and chassis are made out of leather.

Can You Purchase Parts for These Vintage Amplifiers?

You'll find replacement toggle switches and knobs for specific models. Rackmount handles are available so you can move the equipment easier when setting up your system. You may be able to find the exact spare part you need whether it's a power transformer or a protection relay that prevents damage to circuits.  Likewise, you could purchase a non-working amp to salvage filter capacitor brackets and screws or a complete chassis. It's possible these parts are compatible with another Sansui model you own. If you don't use all the parts, you can keep them for later or see if anyone else needs them to rebuild their vintage amp.