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Sanuk Shoes for Boys'

Sanuk shoe styles come in a variety of different looks. They are each designed in a range of different boys’ sizes. Loafers, sandals, and dress styles are just a few of the options available in the Sanuk boys’ collection.

What types of Sanuk shoes are there?
  • Casual shoes: Most Sanuk boys’ styles are slip-on silhouettes made from materials like burlap, cotton, and other natural fabrics in a variety of different colors.
  • Loafers: Loafer designs are one of the slip-on styles available. These shoes have no laces or fasteners. The soles are made from rubber.
  • Sandals: Sandals come in canvas, fabric, and synthetic options. Some styles include straps over all the toes and around the back of the heel, while others involve a thong strap between the first two toes.
  • Flip flops: This sandal variation entails a divider that sits between the first two toes. A lack of ankle strap means that the shoe flaps against the sole of the foot to merit its name.
  • Dress footwear: Some Sanuk dress shoes involve laces and two grommets on each side of the upper to mimic a boat shoe silhouette. Fabrics are largely the same as the loafer collection. Soles are rubber.
What are Vagabonds?

Vagabonds are a style of Sanuk boy’s shoe that resembles a loafer silhouette with a squared toe. Two metallic grommets are installed on the inside of each shoe. The soles are rubber. Vagabonds come in a variety of different colors, including greens, blues, and grays. Vagabonds are a slip-on option made from natural fabric that can be washed.

What sizing options are available?

Sanuk boy’s shoes are available in US kids’ sizes 10 to 13 and 1 to 4. To assess which size should be selected, measure the foot from heel to the end of the longest toe. Then, measure the foot at its widest width. Compare these measurements to the factory measurements and allow for a very small amount of extra room between foot and shoe.

How do you care for Sanuk boys’ shoes?

Refer to the garment care tag inside Sanuk boys’ shoes for the most effective care instructions. Before removing stains, you might elect to use a dry bristle brush to get debris like dirt and mud off the shoe. If you decide to remove spots, test any spot remover on an inside piece of Sanuk shoe fabric before applying it to spots on the outside of the shoe. Most stains can be removed with a cloth dampened with warm water and blotting the shoe with the cloth.

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