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Serfas Bicycle Lights and Reflectors

Serfas offers bike cases, brake pads, helmets, as well as other bicycle accessories. Head, tail, and combination packs are available, and they come in options like the HLMT-2 Phoenix Helmet Light, the UTL-9 Flat Panel LED TaillLight, and the SPK Spoke light. Some lights have audible warnings to warn you of low battery power.

What are some trademark features of Serfas bicycle reflectors?

Serfas offer the True Series lights which are bright in terms of lumens and the E-Lume series. Their bicycle lights and reflectors can be used for both mountain and road biking, and they are initially tested at Serfas before they are available to consumers.

What types of devices are available?

The items come in many different formats, including audible, headlights, combo kits, and taillights. Audible devices offer sounds to warn you before a battery dies. Headlights utilize a variety of different straps to attach the light to the front of the bike and illuminate the ground in front of it. Light combo kits mix features of multiple lights and taillights that are mounted to the back of a bicycle.

What types of audible lights are available?

Serfas lights offers the “Blast” warning system. Essentially, it emits a loud 85 decibel noise when the light has under 10 minutes of performance left in that specific mode. Changing the mode to intermittent flashing rather than consistent shining may increase time left. Select models of headlights and taillights utilize the “Blast” warning system.

What are some of the headlight styles available?

Serfa bicycle light and reflectors come in four categories: Audible lights, Headlights, Light combo kits, and Taillights. The Audible lights have options like the 300 lumens USLA-8 Orion Blast Headlight and the 40 lumens. Serfas makes single- and double-beam headlights that range from 250 to 2500 lumens. Headlight choices include the SL-200 Starter 200 Headlight and the USL-650 E-Lume 650. Light combo kits come in styles like the TBC-1 Thunderbolt 2.0 Combo and the ESC-650 E-Lume Combo 650/60. Serfa taillights offer styles like the USLA-TL60 Guardian Tail Light and the TST-70 Scorpius 70 (70 Lumens). They also make police flashers in white, blue, and red.

What are the features of combo kits?

Frequently, heads and tails are sold as a package. Both models can be set to flash or maintain a constant source for visibility.

What sorts of tail models are available?

Tail models come in different styles like the helmet taillight or the Scorpius taillight. Some attach directly to the rear of the frame while others require special bracket pieces to be mounted. Lumens, durability, and battery power length vary with each particular model of tail lights.

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