Mandos DE CAMBIO Y Botas Para Pontiac GTO

Shift Knobs and Boots for Pontiac GTO

If you own a Pontiac GTO, you can keep its interior in good condition by replacing the shift knob and boot as they become worn out or damaged. The GTO is a high-performance automobile that can be enhanced with aftermarket upgrades such as weighted shifter knobs. Maintaining the gear shift assembly helps to preserve the frunctional and cosmetic condition of your vehicle.

How do you replace a GTO’s shift knob and boot?

The shifter knob is attached to the gear stick by metal threads, and the boot sleeve is fastened to the center console by a plastic bezel. These parts can be replaced in about five to 10 minutes without any tools, and the steps are listed below:

  1. Turn the knob counterclockwise to loosen it and then remove it from the gear stick.
  2. Lift the plastic boot bezel out of the center console and then remove it from the gear assembly.
  3. Slide the new boot sleeve over the gear stick and then press the plastic bezel firmly into place in the center console.
  4. Position the new knob on the gear stick and then fasten it into place by turning it clockwise.
How often should the shift knob and boot be replaced?

The shifter knob and boot receive a lot of wear and tear every time you drive your car. They must be replaced on a regular basis to maintain your vehicle’s performance. You may want to keep the following points in mind:

  • Replace boots and knobs immediately if they become damaged or lost as driving without these items can be unsafe.
  • Replace these products every 50,000 to 60,000 miles or five to six years to ensure that your Pontiac stays in good condition.
Are weighted knobs available for the Pontiac GTO?

Original Equipment Manufacturer’s knobs and boots are available for restoration projects, and there are weighted aftermarket upgrades for enhancing the performance of your vehicle. Weighted shifter knobs improve the handling of your GTO and enhance the feel of your gear stick. Replacing a standard knob with a weighted one can help you switch gears more quickly and accurately.

Are aftermarket products identical to the originals?

All shift knobs and boots are designed to match the interior of the Pontiac GTO car. Original Equipment Manufacturer’s parts are available for all models of this car. Aftermarket upgrades are designed to complement the dashboard and upholstery. Replacing worn-out boots and knobs with either original or aftermarket parts will help to preserve the look and feel of your automobile’s interior.