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Go for the Gold Headphones

Gold and black ear headphones are a statement audio accessory to go with any stereo or smart device. These headphones will make any music experience special as the power and technology inside these tiny sound pieces amplify your audio. Known for quality products and edgy designs, this brand produces top notch headphones that any music aficionado can appreciate. 

What Types of Skullcandy Gold Headphones Are There?

  • Earbuds. These on-ear buds fit directly into your ear for a tight fit with immense sound quality. Just because they are small doesn't mean their power and sound amplification is lacking. There are also over-the-ear buds that have an arm extension that go over the ear to hook on. These are great for active listeners when working out or running. Aside from gold and black, there are also several other colors and themed earbuds by this brand. There are several series within their earbuds line including Inkd and Holua being their most popular. 
  • Headphones. This brand's headphones come with ultimate audio technology inside cushioned, on-ear covers that have excellent sound quality and amplification. These headphones have an adjustable band that extends over your head to the proper on-ear height to rest comfortably and provide that quiet, noise cancelling experience. Some of their more popular wireless headphones include Hesh, Grind, Crusher, and Uprock. There are also wired versions of these as well. The Lowrider is another style of wired headphones that is popular because it can fold down into a smaller size, easy for transport. Wired or wireless, these headphones come in several color schemes. 

What Are Some Features of Skullcandy Headphones?

  • Wireless. Some of these headphones are wireless which means that they don't have to plug directly into your device. Whether you want earbuds or actual headphones, both options have the wireless features as well as Bluetooth technology. 
  • Noise Cancellation. The headphones in particular have noise-cancellation capabilities. This means any extraneous sound from your exterior surroundings blocks out, so you can fully hear your audio without any interference. 
  • Mic. Many earbud styles have a built-in microphone on the wires, which run from your ears to your device. The mic allows you to speak on a phone call without actually using your phone. You can keep your earbuds in your ear and utilize this feature for speaking.
  • Volume controls. Another feature that you can find on your headphone wires are volume controls. These little buttons adjust your sound, increasing or decreasing the volume based on your preferences.

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