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Sony TV Mounts & Stands

Sony TV Pedestal Stands

When youre looking for a piece of furniture that can hold your TV, a pedestal stand could be an alternative to a traditional entertainment center. These mounts differ in design and are often minimal in appearance, allowing your screen to be the focal point of your room. Depending on your room setup, a pedestal stand could make your room feel more spacious while keeping your TV off the ground.

What is a Sony TV pedestal stand?

Sony TV pedestal stands have a base, a backing pole or panel, and mounting brackets that are designed to securely hold screens or monitors. They are designed to be an alternative to wall-mounted televisions by keeping the screens off the ground without putting weight on your wall. Because the TVs can be mounted to the brackets instead of the wall, you can opt for a larger screen that may be too heavy for your wall. When the mount is set up, the screen may also appear as if it is floating in the air.

How do you measure a TV for a pedestal stand?

Televisions and tables are measured differently. This can make it difficult to find an entertainment center that meets your needs. By understanding the measuring differences, however, youll be able to determine if a particular option will work:

  • TV measurements - Sony screens are measured diagonally. This means that a 60-inch television will be less than 60 inches in width. Depending on the model, it could be as much as five inches shorter than the diagonal length.
  • Stand measurements - Credenzas are usually measured in widths. Tables that do not have shelving will have the maximum Sony screen size that the mounting brackets can handle.
What considerations should you make when looking for TV stands?

To ensure that the mount will fit your needs, you may want to consider:

  • Size - If you already have a screen, you will want to find an option that will be large enough or strong enough. Some also allow you to adjust the height so that you can put your screen at eye level.
  • Compatibility - Because you will need to use the mounting brackets to hold the TV, you will want to ensure that the screen and the mount are compatible with each other.
  • Shelving - Some credenzas are more "bare bones" than others. Sony offers options that have just the base, the back, and the mounting brackets for those who want a clean, industrial look. Other options may have a shelf or two for electronics. Some tables may even have extra storage in addition to the shelving and screen mount.
  • Color - Tables in this style are often black, silver, or gunmetal in color.
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