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Speedo Big & Tall for Men

Speedo Big and Tall for Men

The Speedo swimwear company has been in business since 1928. Their line of mens swimwear ranges from fitness gear to beachcombing. Designers created specific cuts and styles for the mens big and tall selections.

How do you measure for mens big and tall?

For maximum comfort, the big and tall shorts and trunks should fit snug, not tight, around the waist. The legs should fall around the middle of the upper thigh. Big and tall sizes begin with a waistline of 38 inches.

  • Measure around the waist. Place your hands naturally on your hips. This is where you want to put the tape measure. It should be slightly above the belly button.
  • Measure around the broadest part of the hips.
  • Select the size that is closest to the waist measurement, and use the hip measurement as a secondary factor.
What size of recreation mens swimwear does Speedo sell?

The Big and tall suits offer a longer and looser style of recreation swimming trunks. Boardshorts have elastic waistbands and fall to the mid-thigh. They have a zipper or Velcro pocket, and inside, boxer briefs are sewn in. Volley shorts are loose-fitting pull-on swimming trunks. They have key pockets sewn into the inside waistband. These shorts fall mid-thigh to the knee. The seam measurements for different collections are as follows:

  • The Marina Volley has a 20-inch outer seam and a 9-inch inseam.
  • The High Tech Volley has a 19-inch outer seam and a 7 1/2-inch inseam.
  • The Sun Ray Volley has a 16-inch outer seam and a 5 5/8-inch inseam.
  • The Surf Runner has a 14-inch outer seam and a 3 5/8-inch inseam.
How do you measure for big and tall fitness Speedos?

Endurance suits are made of lightweight fabric with low drag. They are made of a stretch cloth that maintains its shape. Endurance styles come in various side seam lengths. Measure the hips and waist and then select a style with the appropriate outer side length.

  • The Endurance style has a 2 3/4-inch side seam.
  • The Endurance+ style has a 4-inch side seam.
  • The Square model has a 5-inch side seam.
  • The bikini styles are available in 1-inch to 2-inch seams.
What sizes are big and tall in Speedo swim shorts?

The Big and tall sizes are from XL to 4X-2. The 3X and 4X come in two variations. Here is the waistline breakdown:

  • XL fits a waistline of 38 inches.
  • XXL is a waistline of 40 inches.
  • XXL is a waistline of 42 inches.
  • 3X-1 is a waistline of 44 inches, and 3X-2 is a waistline of 46 inches.
  • 4X-1 is a waistline of 48 inches, and 4X-2 is a waistline of 50 inches.
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