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Maintain Your Tools With String Trimmer Springs and Other Parts

As days get warmer and longer, weeds and grass start to flourish. Unfortunately, many people find that their lawn tools break right as spring starts. If you use a string trimmer to handle excess greenery, it is essential to have a fully functioning spring component. Whether you need to repair a broken string trimmer or want some extra trimmer replacement parts just in case, eBay has you covered.

Should you get the spring and spool separately?

The answer to this question will partly depend on your machine. Some brands sell the trimmer spring parts and spool as a single part, so you will need to replace both parts if one breaks. However, even if your string trimmer does allow for separate replacement of spring and spool, it might be worthwhile to get both. Selecting a combined pack allows you to get two parts at once. It can also be a little easier to replace the part if you buy them together since you will not have to disassemble your old spool to install the new trimmer spring parts.

What's the difference between OEM and generic parts?

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. It means the string trimmer parts were made by the same company that produces the trimmer. This ensures compatibility. The manufacturer knows all of the original product's specifications, so they can produce the exact replacement you need. Meanwhile, generic or aftermarket parts are made by other grass trimmer parts suppliers. These are still carefully produced to suit the measurements of your trimmer. There is also more variety since you can find parts in materials not used by the original manufacturer.

What brands have string trimmer replacement parts?

Not all types of string trimmers are meant to be repaired. Whether or not you can replace the string trimmer part will depend on the trimmer's make and model. These are some of the brands that sell string trimmer spring replacement parts and give you the option of replacing your springs:

  • ECHO
  • Ryobi
  • Husqvarna
  • Homelite
How do you make sure the part matches your trimmer?

If you want to be ready to landscape on sunny days, you need to choose your string trimmer parts carefully. Take a close look at your string trimmer and make note of its make, model, and model number. Use the model number to look up a manual for your device so you can see exactly which parts are needed. Then, search for parts that are made for your specific model number of trimmer. If possible, examine the current part on your trimmer. Check to ensure the new replacement part's dimensions match the one on your string trimmer, and take a close look at the shapes of the parts to see whether they look similar or not.

What's the difference between Echo and BLACK+DECKER parts?

These are two frequently used brands of replacement parts since they both have several different models of string trimmers. There are a few distinct differences to consider, when trying to decide between the two brands.

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