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Everything You Need to Know Before Choosing an Industrial Stump Grinder

Clearing woods and dense shrubbery can be a daunting task, but with the right stump grinder, the job can be made easier. Consult eBay for new and previously owned industrial grinders that can take your landscaping or home repair business to the next level. There are many types of stump grinders available on eBay.

How can I use an industrial stump grinder?

Hauling an entire downed tree can be expensive and time-consuming. An industrial grinder will allow you to convert large tree trunks and stumps into wood chips. Wood chips can be used in gardens, on playgrounds, and in recycling plants for producing wood pulp to be made into paper products. Depending on the quality of the grinder and the circumference of the tree stump, the stump grinding process can take as little as 15 minutes.

What are the different types of industrial stump grinders?

There are many types of industrial stump grinders for sale on eBay. Not all stump grinders are created alike. The main mechanism affects the pricing of the grinder and the speed at which the tree stump removal can be completed.

  • Self-Propelled: Self-propelled grinders have a hydrostatic drive system and are battery operated. They often have adjustable handles so that the user can comfortably undertake stump removal.
  • Hydraulic: Hydraulic grinders dont have belts on the cutting wheel. Ultimately, this cuts costs because the belts wont need to be replaced when they wear out.
  • Track Driven: Track driven stump grinders use rubber tracks and tapered roller bearings to keep the track stable in all types of terrain.
What factors should be considered when buying a stump grinder?

Buying a stump grinder is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Here are some key factors you should take into consideration when selecting an industrial stump grinder for your business:

  • Stump Size: If you will need to grind large diameter stumps, then you may require an additional trailer behind the grinder to support the weight of the stump. Smaller stumps dont require any additional support, so you can use a smaller grinder for those.
  • Stump Age and Firmness: Consider if you are likely to encounter primarily old or new stumps. Older stumps are susceptible to internal rotting and gradual decay, which makes them softer. Newer stumps are firmer and more difficult to grind into chips.
  • Ease of Operation: Some stump grinders require the operator to manually provide the back and forth cutting motion that grinds the stumps. Other models allow the operator to simply stand back and operate the controls.