Programa de televisión DVD y discos Blu-ray

TV Show DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs

Many television shows can be watched on DVD or on Blu-Ray discs. Although the two types of discs look alike, there are several differences between them that make each one unique. The discs should be cared for properly to provide high-resolution entertainment for many years.

How are TV shows packaged on digital media?

While television shows are often initially broadcast on periodic schedules, multiple episodes can be compiled on a single DVD or Blu-Ray disc. Most shows are packaged by seasons, which may feature anywhere from 10 to 30 episodes. If the television show only produced a few seasons, the entire series may be packaged together. There are also box sets available that compile every episode from multiple seasons of shows. These releases could include 10 or more discs.

What's the difference between a DVD and Blu-Ray disc?

DVDs and Blu-Rays are two different types of playable media. Blu-Rays have a higher storage capacity for content than DVDs, and they provide enhanced digital video and audio experience. Overall, Blu-Rays provide a clearer image. DVDs use a red laser wavelength to produce image and sound while Blu-Rays use blue, shorter wavelengths to produce a more precise vision and sound.

How do you clean a media disc?

When a DVD or Blu-Ray is dirty, the picture may skip and freeze. Therefore, it is important to keep these media discs clean. In many cases, a simple cleaning can get the job done. Do this by using rubbing alcohol and water on the disc. Mix equal amounts together, and wipe the solution in straight lines using a cloth. Allow it to air dry. You can also use a microfiber cloth saturated with window cleaner. Again, wipe in straight lines, never in circles regardless of the cleaning method.

Can you use DVDs or Blu-Rays on a computer?

If you have the right software and hardware, you'll be able to play either type of media on your computer. You'll need a drive and a commercial program to play them. Oftentimes, the computer comes pre-installed with the software, so check with the manufacturer. If it is not pre-installed, it can be purchased. Many computers, including laptops, that are able to play DVDs will say so on the label in order to avoid confusion.

How long do Blu-Rays and DVDs last?

This depends upon many factors, such as how well they are cared for. Make every effort to avoid scratches in order to keep them working properly for many years. Be sure to clean them on an occasional basis as well. The lifespan of discs that are well cared for is well over 100 years.