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Tablet and eBook Car Headrest Mounts for Easy Tablet Access on the Go

If you keep searching for the right way to arrange your tablet while you and your kids are on long car trips, the inexpensive tablet car mounts in this eBay collection might be the right solutions for you. There are quite a few different ways to mount tablets in your car, and here are the questions you should ask as you make a selection.

What types of tablet car mounts are there?

Here are some examples of the types of mounts you'll find in this collection:

  • Fixed headrest mounts: These mounts affix to the back of your headrest, which means that you can't change their angle or position. This design is highly secure, but it lacks the customization potential of other designs.
  • Swivel headrest mounts: These types of mounts are attached to adjustable arms that connect to the back of your headrest. Some of these arms provide enough give to place the tablet between the two front seats, which provides an optimum viewing angle for backseat passengers.
  • Headrest mounts with organizers: In addition to tablet mounts, these accessories have pockets for items such as crayons and toys.
Are these tablet mounts universal?

Some of the tablet mounts in this collection are universal, which means that they are designed to work with any type of tablet. These tablet mounts feature adjustable mounting mechanisms to accommodate varying sizes of tablets, and these mechanisms can be somewhat bulky if you have an unusual size of tablet. On the other hand, many of the options in this collection are optimized to fit only a certain type of tablet; if you want to find a mount that's a perfect fit for your Apple, Lenovo, or Samsung tablet, one of these mounts might be the best choice.

How do you pick the right tablet mount?

The first step is to ensure that the mount you're looking for fits the type of tablet that you have. To do this, you'll need to either measure your tablet, consult the specifications online, or look in the user's manual to determine its diagonal length. It's also important to pick a style of headrest mount that fits your situation. If you have multiple kids, you might want a headrest mount that's on a swivel. A stationary model, however, might be more appropriate if you only have one kid or you want each child to have his or her own tablet. From there, it's all a matter of which style you like the best.