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Toshiba Laptop Replacement Parts

Toshiba Laptop Replacement Parts

Toshiba offers an array of replacement parts, including batteries, keyboards, replacement screens, and much more. Depending on what kind of Toshiba laptop you have, replacement parts can be used to repair or upgrade your Toshiba computer. If youre feeling a bit adventurous, you could also try replacing your laptops back cover to give your Toshiba a new look.

Are there replacement batteries for a Toshiba Satellite?

As with most laptop models, it is easy to pop the battery out of a Toshiba Satellite so that you can install parts or repair and replace failing parts on your laptop. Depending on your Toshibas model, you may also be able to upgrade to a higher capacity battery.

Which parts are there for particular models of Toshiba Satellite?

If you turn your laptop over, you should find a sticker on the bottom. This sticker should have the model number and serial number of your laptop printed on it. The model number is how you to determine which parts are compatible for the repair of your Toshiba Satellite. Simply compare the number to the charts that show which Toshiba models can use those particular parts to repair your laptop.

Will the same replacement parts fit Satellites and Satellite Pros?

The answer is yes for most parts. The Toshiba Satellite Pro is designed primarily for professional use. The primary difference from the regular Toshiba Satellite line is simply that the preinstalled operating system on the Pro series is Windows Professional rather than Windows Home. When youre looking for replacement hardware parts for the laptop, however, theyre usually interchangeable.

Can a broken screen on a Toshiba Satellite be fixed?

The answer basically depends on the extent of the damage. In many cases, however, a practical thing to do about a broken laptop display is to repair it with new parts. If youve broken a laptop that uses a touch screen, you may also need to pick up a digitizer among those parts you use for the laptop’s repair. You could also consider replacing the entire laptop screen with another one. You can sometimes find replacement screens, fully assembled. All you would need to do is attach it.

Can non-lighted keyboards replace broken lighted ones?

Yes you can as the lighting is often considered a beneficial feature and not a part of the mechanical function. If your Toshiba laptop had a lighted keyboard that broke, you do not necessarily have to replace it with a lighted model. While this type of accessory can offer some additional convenience, particularly in low-light settings, it is not necessary to install a lighted keyboard if you need to replace or repair the one on your Toshiba.

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