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Toyota Forklifts

Forklifts can be an essential tool for moving product in a warehouse. There are different types of Toyota forklifts available based on where youll be using the equipment, such as indoors or outdoors. You can also find Toyota forklifts that are powered by liquid propane, diesel, or electric.

What features should you look for when selecting Toyota forklifts?
  • Adjustable controls: This can be helpful if you have different workers using the same forklift throughout the day. The most frequently used adjustable controls include the steering wheel, feet rests, and the chair.
  • Overhead guard: Many Toyota options may already have this feature. This is especially important in a workplace like a warehouse where falling objects could injure the driver. Overhead guards help to deflect these objects.
  • Lighting: If the forklift will be used in low light conditions, selecting one from Toyota with headlights can offer a source of light.
  • Tires:You should select tires based off where the forklift will be used. Toyota offers both cushion and pneumatic tire options. Cushion tires are designed for indoor areas where the surface is even. Pneumatic tires are designed for outdoors and can function on rough surfaces.
What power options are available for a forklift from Toyota?

There are three main types of power options available for Toyota forklifts.

  • Electric forklifts: This option puts off no harmful emissions and can be useful for indoor use. Electric forklifts require a charging station for the battery.
  • Diesel-powered forklifts: The higher torque provided by the diesel engine can make it useful for going up inclines. The engine noise and exhaust fumes may require attention if using the forklift indoors.
  • LP gas forklifts: These forklifts are powered by LP or liquid propane gas tanks that can be switched out once depleted. LP gas lifts can come in indoor and outdoor models. Outdoor models will typically have different tires designed for outdoor use.
What are some tips for selecting a forklift from Toyota?
  • Consider where the forklift will be used: Toyota offers different tires and power options depending on the workplace.
  • Select a lift capacity: Carrying too heavy of a load can tip over or damage the equipment. Therefore, it is important to choose a forklift from Toyota with the right lift capacity for your intended uses.
  • Select a style: You can choose from more compact options for small spaces or select one from Toyota that is designed for outdoors.
  • Choose features: You can select from different seating options and safety features that are suited to your work.
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